Google Zeitgeist Proves Ed Miliband Is Irrelevant

Who are ya?

Who are ya?

It’s the time of year when Google holds a mirror up to the public and ranks what we’ve all been wasting time on. As far as politics goes it is not happy reading for Ed Miliband because the only thing worse for a politician than being focussed on is being ignored. Here’s the top ten searches for UK politicians:

  1. Boris Johnson
  2. Nick Clegg
  3. David Cameron
  4. Maria Miller
  5. Theresa May
  6. Harriet Harman
  7. George Osborne
  8. Stella Creasy
  9. William Hague
  10.  Ed Balls

Interestingly no back benchers appear on the list this year showing that despite there being a coalition Government, the rank and file are relatively disciplined with nobody making a huge splash with the public (despite Nadine Dorries’ best efforts).

The list should prove depressing for politicians in general though as the interest in deaths shows Paul Walker surprisingly generated more searches than both Thatcher and Mandela: