If you’re looking for a simple steam mop for quickly and effectively cleaning your floors this model from Vileda is a great choice. It doesn’t have the flexibility or accessories of some cleaners but it’s very good at the one job it aims to do and comes at a reasonable price.

Steam mops are an excellent way to clean and disinfect floors without using chemicals, using the heat of boiled water to both kill 99.9% of bacteria and quickly remove stubborn dirt. Vileda’s steam mop is a simple model aiming only to be used as a mop on floors, rather than some complicated models.

Vileda steam mop reviewSetup

Setting up the steam mop is simple, you just need to attach the handle to the main body of the unit and then the steam head. The head has velcro to attach the microfibre pads you use for cleaning. Once assembled the unit stands by itself for easy storage, while you can use your foot

Then all you need to do is fill it with cold water and turn it on and it will quickly heat up and provide a continuous supply of steam. It includes a dial for adjusting the level of steam but otherwise, you just turn it on and get to work.

Vileda steam mop controlsPerformance

It heats up and quickly and will be ready to use in around 15 seconds, then it’s just a case of moping the floors. The microfibre pads mean it glides easily over hard floors and the textured material makes quick work of stains.

It comes with two microfibre pads that quickly pick up dirt but you can also machine wash them to get more use out of them.

Vileda steam mop microfibre padsWe found it did a great job of getting through stubborn stains in just a couple of passes, although it’s not fantastic at getting in crevices such as the gaps between tiles. Here the steam clearly penetrates disinfecting the gap, but the microfibre pad doesn’t quite get in the gap enough to remove stains by itself.

There is also a carpet glider for using the map on carpets and rugs, clipping over the top so it can slide without getting snagged. Again this appears to work well and makes using it on all services easy.

Vileda steam mop carpet gliderIt works from the mains so you will need to unplug it and replug it in as you move around the house, although the cable is a reasonable length at 6m so it should be able to at least cover a large room at a time without trouble.

It has a tank capacity of 400ml which at full steam power will last for a reasonable amount of time. When it needs refilling a small jug is supplied to make it easy to do so without spills.


Priced around the £55 mark it is a fair bit cheaper than some of the more complicated steam cleaners with multiple functions although it is possible to find cheaper steam mops such as the Vax S7 steam mop.


While it’s not the cheapest steam mop around it is well made and does a fantastic job without fuss. If you are only looking for a mop to clean floors it is a very good choice, but if you want a more flexible machine for all your cleaning needs be prepared to spend quite a bit more on something like the Vax S84.

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A high quality steam mop
Easy set up
Simple to use
Mops very well
Struggles with crevices