The PrimePro 12TS is Venturer’s first professional tablet, aiming to take on the iPad Pro and Microsoft Surface Pro 4, while also providing a significant discount compared with these rivals. With this in mind, it comes with better specs than previous models from Venturer, namely the BravoWin and EliteWin 2-in-1 tablets, as well as some professional touches including a leather backed keyboard cover.

We’re yet to be convinced by a tablet running Windows, simply because Android and iPad tablets do the job so well and have such a vast array of apps in comparison. That said we’re also sceptical of the work applications of Android or iOS tablets as well, while a Windows device really does have the ability to run as a standard laptop

This tablet/laptop from Venturer aims to be both and it feels a little like it falls in the gap between, a little heavy and ungainly to be a tablet, but not featuring the full power of a dedicated laptop. We’re not convinced it will replace a serious work laptop, but may be a great choice if you’re looking for something you can take to meetings and still perform a bit of last minute work while you are there.


The PrimePro 12TS includes a 1.8GHz Intel Atom quad-core processor and 4GB of RAM, which if you know your specs is equivalent to the kind of power you can find in a mid-range smartphone nowadays. It’s not unusual for a tablet of this type and the PrimePro is only slightly under-specced when compared with the entry-level Surface Pro 4 (which also happens to cost more than twice the price) but don’t expect it to be running rings around a top-end laptop.

In practice, it feels fairly nippy at first and as long as you’re sticking to single tasks it does a very good job. Where it starts to feel a little sluggish is when you start using it as you would a main laptop, running a range of tasks at once with various tabs open.

It only has 64GB of storage space which isn’t a lot but it does have a microSD card slot so you can easily upgrade this if you need to.


If you take it as a small laptop it feels neatly designed and a good compact device, but in the field of tablets it’s quite bulky. It doesn’t have the premium finish found on the iPad Pro, or even the Surface Pro 4, with quite a chunky, rubbery body and the buttons and ports jumbled on one side. The screen has a fairly large bezel around the outside with one end thicker than the other, meaning the screen doesn’t quite sit in the centre of the tablet when set up on its side as a laptop.

Venturer PrimePro 12TS tablet reviewScreen

The screen is one of the best parts of this tablet. It’s a reasonable resolution (1920 x 1200 pixels) plus its 12.2-inch size and letterbox aspect ratio makes it ideal for splitting the screen between two windows. This means you can quickly work from two documents at once, which is a particular pain on most tablets.

The touchscreen is responsive and easy to type on if you haven’t attached the keyboard, and it can go up to a decent level of brightness if you need to work in direct sunlight.

Keyboard cover

The keyboard is of a decent quality for a supplied cover. The keys respond well and feel good to the touch, which is not easy to achieve with keyboard covers. Thanks to the shape of the tablet it’s also a decent size so it doesn’t feel cramped and the keys are regular size. Even the trackpad does a reasonable job, although if you will be using it for any extended period of time we would strongly suggest using a mouse – easy thanks to the included USB slot.

Overall it feels like it is on a par with a mid to low end built-in keyboard on a laptop, it’s not perfect by any means, but for a slim addition that works as much as a cover as a keyboard it’s a very commendable effort.

The cover folds into two different shapes to provide a stand for the tablet at different heights. It’s a nice touch although we only found ourselves using the higher setting as the fold in the cover felt more secure.

Once folded up, the cover has an elastic string for fastening up into a neat package that feels like it provides a decent level of protection to the tablet.

Venturer PrimePro Keyboard CoverAn 8 hour battery life means it should be good to use for work on long train trips and once you’re at your destination it can be charged either through the 5v charging slot, or handily, through the micro-USB slot.


Priced at around £350 it isn’t a budget tablet, but once you take into account the specs and the fact it comes included with a keyboard cover you can see that it does offer very good value. It’s considerably cheaper than either the Surface Pro 4 or iPad Pro entry level models (neither of which include a physical keyboard for their prices).


Ultimately it feels like a good tablet for taking to meetings at work, it’s portable and smart, plus for a tablet it has not only a USB port but also an HDMI slot for connecting to a TV or projector. It is capable of performing most tasks when needed, but we wouldn’t say it is up to the job of being a main computer replacement.

It’s not the highest powered in its niche but it delivers a decent feature set and is well put together. We would say it’s a solid 3 star machine, but available for this price it deserves a whole extra star just for its value alone.

A good value work tablet/laptop
Good keyboard cover
Well priced
Not world beating specs