There are plenty of things that need to be worked on. There are screws to tighten, nails to hammer, and boards to cut.

Whether at home, at the office, in the field for a work project – there are plenty of occasions where you may need tools. And to make sure you can stay organized, and transport your tools to and from a location, it is wise to have a reliable tool box.

What is the best tool box for the money? Today we’ll discuss some of the most popular options currently on the market, and discuss the pros and cons of each.

Candidates for Best Tool Box: Our Choices and Their Features

Whether you’re a DIY handyperson who likes to fix everything, or you’re shopping for someone who does, a tool box is the perfect choice. There are plenty of models to choose from – in no particular order, here are some of the top tool boxes available in 2019.

Keter Pro Tool Box 19

Keter Pro Tool Box 19

This model from Keter looks the part automatically – the polypropylene-resin construction helps shield it from wear, and also gives it that heavy-duty look. A sleek red-and-black color scheme also lends to the aesthetics, and the design is smart as well.

There are two compartments on top, on either side of the handle. These can be used to hold screws, bolts, nails, fishing hooks, lures, and more.

Pros: One of the main perks of this model is its durability. Not only does it have a strong construction around the box itself, but it also has nice features like a metal lid-stopper so the box can be used as a storage device while it is open. Keep your box open so you can easily retrieve your tools from this organizer. There’s also a handy removal tray for even more storage and organizational options.

Cons: Unless you’re someone who is against one of the main design choices in this box, there are really no major drawbacks to speak of. Maybe you could do a little better by looking at a slightly higher price range, but there are no obvious flaws with this tool box for the money.

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CARTMAN Orange Hand Toolkit Storage Case

This one is unique in that it’s less of a box and more of a case – but it still accomplishes the same purpose. It’s mainly built for hand tools like hammers, pliers, socket wrenches, and scissors. While it may not be as spacious as some of the other models on our list, that’s the idea.

It’s built for small repair jobs around the house or office. It’s easy to keep in a drawer or on a shelf and retrieve when you need it. 

Pros: This model is built to be compact and let users carry it around quickly. It’s light, sturdy, and even comes with tools inside. That’s the main perk – a 39-piece set users can enjoy that includes a 10’ tape measurer, an 8 oz. hammer, bit driver, utility snap-off knife, and 20 1” screwdriver bits.

Cons: If you’re someone who likes using their tool box to hold fishing equipment, sewing tools, or other small items, you may find this one isn’t as suited for such a task. It’s built for small repairs, and the case itself can’t be used as a storage device for many other activities.

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DEWALT DWST17814 TSTAK Deep Toolbox

As the name suggests, this model is built to hold a lot of big, bulky tools that may not fit well into other boxes. There’s an extra-large volume of space on the bottom, with a handy top organizer to help keep those smaller components organized.

The heavy-duty latches are resistant to rust and the handle is bi-material, meaning its durable enough for the job site but comfortable enough to grip.

Pros: The best thing about this case is its versatility. It has so much space inside and comes in many variations. You can get a longer handle, a clear lid, an option with drawers, and even trolley wheels if you have some big things to lug around.

Cons: Another model that has no obvious flaws, the only thing a person may dislike about this toolbox is that it could feasibly be too big for their need. This means they could be lugging around more box (and more weight) than they need – which could get cumbersome quick, especially on a work site.

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Which Is the Best Tool Box for the Money?

Every person’s tool collection, as well as their needs and budget, are all different. This means it is important to find the right toolbox for the job.

What are some characteristics of the best tool box? It should have the proper amount of space for what a person looks to carry, and any bonus features like a removal tray or a comfortable handle, that they may be looking for.

Knowing which is best is a matter of examining their features then comparing these lists to what you (or the person you’re buying for) may need.