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It’s not often you would ever describe a microwave as stylish, but Swan’s delightfully retro microwave manages to invoke 1950s America while also providing the modern convenience of a digital microwave. It may be a little less powerful than the top – and most expensive – microwaves, but it’s a good choice if you’re looking for a balance between price and performance.


Probably the biggest draw to the SM22030 is the design and the range of colours it is available in. No matter what the colour scheme of your kitchen Swan seems to have an option that will suit and their design team have done a good job to make it more interesting than a simple box.

Swan Retro colours


It is also small enough to count as a compact microwave, measuring 29.7 x 45 x 25.6cm, making it ideal if you have limited space or just want to maximise the counter space you do have. The small size means volume isn’t the biggest at 20l, so not every dish will fit in it, but it does still have room for a 27cm turntable so the size isn’t too restrictive.

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Like many other smaller microwaves, the Swan SM22030 isn’t the most powerful at 800W, but it will still provide enough power to get through the average family tasks without any issues.

The controls are simple and easy to use, with two dials for selecting all the options you need. It does include 12 auto cook modes for specific foods such as popcorn and pizza, although telling the difference between the icons when selecting these can be a little tricky as they are quite small.

Swan Retro dials


Performance is good, although some of the auto cook modes have limited weight options so you will have to be careful to ensure everything is cooked. For example, the jacket potato setting only gives the choice of 450g or 650g, which obviously doesn’t quite cover the natural variations of the humble spud. Saying that, it’s not anything you don’t have to be wary of with any microwave so it’s not a major sticking point.

While it was probably a little expensive at its original price, it is now available for less and to get it for under £90 is a good price. It also has the distinct advantage of not looking like a cheap microwave, which isn’t always the case with models at this price.

What the others said

“It evenly cooks ready meals from frozen reaching a minimum of 72°C in centre and around edges.” Good Housekeeping

“It looks cute and the controls are simple and pleasant to use.” Trusted Reviews


Overall it’s a very stylish microwave and a good option in this price bracket, although you may want to measure your dinner plates first as not all of them will fit in a microwave of this size.

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Swan Retro Microwave Deals

Swan Retro Microwave
A small but stylish and capable microwave
Retro style
12 auto cook modes
May not fit all plates
Best Price