There’s no wifi or smart toasting included in the Buckingham 4 slice toaster, instead Russell Hobbs has just focused on making the best toaster for… well toasting. Thankfully, this has been a success and the Buckingham does everything you would want of a toaster well, making it a fantastic choice for a family toaster.


The ultimate test of a toaster is how well it cooks bread and here it does well. Russell Hobbs claims that the Buckingham toasts 55% faster than previous models and while we can’t confirm this exact percentage we did find it does toast very quickly.

Russell Hobbs Buckingham 4 slice toasterBut it’s not just about speed, we also found it toasted evenly across each slice and consistently from use to use – meaning you can find the right setting for you and generally leave it alone.

The wide slots work well for regular slices of bread as well as being large enough to fit wider things like crumpets or cut bagels. The trays also lift high in the toaster making it easy to lift toast out without risking burning your fingers.


With two separate sets of controls, each side can work independently allowing you to toast two sets of things at different times – as well as not having to use all four slots when you only need two. The browning control dials are easy to use without being easy to knock to different settings, particularly helpful if you end up setting one level and never want to change it ever again.

There are also 3 buttons down the side to stop toasting, or set the defrost and reheat modes. These buttons are responsive and the defrost and reheat modes themselves work well.

Russell Hobbs Buckingham 4 slice toaster buttonsDesign

The body is made from stainless steel with strong heat vents along the top giving it the serious look of a professional bit of kit. It also includes a blue light strip along the bottom with each side of it lighting up when in use. This does mean you can see from across the room when it is in use, but mainly seems to be to bring it in line with the (also impressive) matching Buckingham kettle that has the same feature.


If there’s anything to complain about it is the fact the stainless steel finish is very easy to leave fingerprints on, even without buttery hands. If this kind of thing annoys you you may find yourself having to regularly buff the sides but that would be the case with any stainless steel appliance.

Each side of the toaster has its own crumb tray that comes out of the back of the toaster. You just push the tray in and it pops out making it easy to tip out the crumbs that have collected.

Russell Hobbs Buckingham Toaster crumb traysPrice

At around £35 the Buckingham isn’t super cheap but it’s far from expensive and for this level of quality it is an excellent buy. We have seen a similar level of quality available elsewhere but they tend to be more expensive at around the £45-55 mark.


The Buckingham is an excellent 4 slice toaster and gets our full recommendation. Not only does it perform well and look the part it also is very well priced.

A superb toaster that excels at everything it should