The Lindy NC-60s are a fine set of ANC headphones available at a very affordable price. They may not have the attention-grabbing size or design of some of their rivals, but if all you want is a good set of headphones for a great price these should be at the top of your list.

Noise canceling headphones are no longer the preserve of audiophiles willing to spend big as more and more good quality sets are available for reasonable prices. The NC-60s are one such set from up-and-coming brand Lindy who are already making a name for themselves creating well priced, nicely designed and above all good quality headphones.

Lindy NC-60 Sound Quality and ANC Performance

The sound quality is very impressive and considering the price of the headphones, we would go as far as to say it is excellent. While they perform reasonably well with ANC turned off to get the best out of them you really need it on. As well as a step up in volume (beyond the muting of outside noise) you will notice a real boost to the treble and a much better-balanced sound in general.

Lindy NC-60 ANC headphones sound quality

As far as noise canceling itself it does a reasonable good of filtering out consistent hums but it doesn’t block everything and in that sense it can’t compete with the likes of £300 rivals such as the Bose QuietComfort 35 (but did you really think it would?).

The ANC is powered by two AAA batteries that sit in the left earpiece.

Design and build quality

For us, the Lindy NC-60s are the right side of understated but if you want some statement headphones it may be worth looking elsewhere. The cans are fairly small – especially considering they are packing in ANC – so you won’t look like you are trying to land a plane, although this does mean the earpieces will sit on all but the smallest of ears. The pads are made from soft touch plastic and have a reasonable amount of padding and while we did start to feel it in the cartilidge after extended use, we wouldn’t say they were uncomfortable.

Lindy NC-60 noise cancelling headphones

The right can has a slider for turning the ANC on or off as well as a scroll wheel for adjusting the volume. There are no controls for pausing or skipping forward or backward.


To describe the NC-60s as budget feels a bit disrespectful as aside from the price there is nothing that suggests they are, but available for around £55 they are far from the top end of the market. There are not many ANC headphones around that price we would recommend, although if you want to spend a little less consider the Mixcder E7s and if you have a little more to spend we would push you towards the Lindy BNX-60s – the wireless versions of the NC-60s.


For the price we can’t recommend anything better, the only thing they lack is wireless and this is available for a little more in the shape of the BNX-60s. If you spend more it is certainly possible to get a better quality pair of headphones, but it would need you to spend around twice as much. If your budget is £100 or less and you are not bothered about wireless functionality, buy the NC-60s.

Very impressive sound
Understated design
Earpieces may be too small for some