When the LG 55UH625V first hit the market in May 2016 it was overpriced, retailing at over a grand. Now that it’s come down to around £650, is it worth a second look? The answer is a definite yes.

It’s a nicely designed TV with a large 55-inch screen that’s “Ultra High Definition”, i.e. 4k. The picture quality is competitive and the colour palette is decent for the price range, but for those who are looking for a picture that will blow them away, we would recommend shelling out a bit more for the Sony Bravia KD55XD8005BU.

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The LG 55UH625V really looks the part. Its metallic design and thin bezel around the screen are exactly what you what expect of a modern set from top end manufacturer.

LG 55UH625V side

The “New Plate Ribbon” fits in nicely with the design, but it is plastic and felt a bit wobbly when we fitted it to the screen (though not enough that you have to worry about the TV toppling). If you don’t fancy the stand, it does have VESA wall mount support.

Picture Quality

Colours and brightness are generally on point. Though the screen does skew a little to the yellow end of the spectrum, it does handle bright colours very well and overall colours are well balanced.

The screen is UHD. If you are a little confused by the terminology, this just means that it is 4k, so it crams in twice as many pixels as a standard HD television and gives you a super sharp image.

At the moment 4k content is a little sparse and confined a few shows on Amazon Prime, Netflix and YouTube, but it’s definitely a technology you want to invest in as more shows become in available in the format. In any case, the TV has “upscaling” technology that tries to fill in the extra pixels to give you a more defined image even when watching lower resolution sources. This is not as good as watching true 4K content, and we’ve seen it done better on other models, but it is an acceptable halfway house.

The LG 55UH625V also has HDR technology, which is a must have feature in 2017. Essentially, HDR renders shadow and light much better on screen, so pictures appear much truer to real life. The picture below shows the impact of HDR clearly.

HDR picture exampleWe’ve seen light and dark contrast handled better on other HDR screens, which is probably a reflection of the relatively low-end spec, but you can still notice a definite jump against non-HDR models.

Motion blurring is also an issue with really fast moving action films or games, but generally the picture is smooth.

Viewing angles are wide, so if you’re putting this into a big, family living room everyone should still be able to see the action.


The TV performs well in the midrange and LG’s Clear Voice III technology means dialogue is always accurate. However, the top end and bass are not so effective and sometimes it feels like there’s not enough power. We would recommend getting a soundbar to go with this TV (and you can check out our guide to soundbars under £150).

Smart TV Features

The webOS 3.0 operating system that is built into the TV is excellent. It works around a simple pop-up menu across the bottom end of the screen where you can access popular apps like iPlayer right away, or install more from LG’s app store and connect to anything you plug in via HDMI (for example if you have a YouView box).

You can also use the TV to surf the web. Usually, this is an annoying process, mainly due to it being difficult to navigate with a traditional remote control. However, LG ships a Magic Remote that allows you to point at the screen to cursor. Typing is still a hassle though.

When you first start up the TV you will be prompted to log on to WiFi and set up is really straight forward.

Other Points

You get 3 HDMI ports (more than enough for most people). The TV doesn’t have Bluetooth, so if want to connect a speaker you will have to do it via an HMDI Arc connection.


Not a bad option, but there are better ones available
Good brand
Big screen
Decent picture, with 4k and HDR
Has come down to a reasonable price
Could handle light and shade a bit better
No bluetooth
Needs a soundbar