The Grade

We spent 2.5 hours researching the reviews of the LG 43UJ630V to see what the experts and people who purchased it thought.

Based on these reviews we have given the LG 43UJ630V a meta score of 4.3 (out of a maximum possible score of 5), taking into account performance and cost.

In summary, here’s what people thought:

7 reasons to buy

– Solid picture performance and an excellent range of colours due to LG’s proprietary technology.

– Handles fast-moving images well in HD (avoiding that dreaded blur that many screens suffer from during action scenes).

– It has 4k and HDR. 4k means it can cram in 8 times more pixels than a standard HD set. HDR is a new technology that allows the screen to achieve a better contrast between light and dark. Despite not getting as much attention, it is as big of a deal as 4k and you need to make sure your set has it. To give you an idea of the effect, look at the picture below.

HDR picture example

– LG’s webOS is simple to use and packed with handy features. A simple bar across the bottom let’s you navigate easily between functions and you can install all the most popular TV/streaming apps. There is also a freeview HD tuner built in.

– Connectivity is good with 3 HMDI ports and two USB ports which is enough for pretty much all intent and purposes.

– Sound is slightly above average, but you will want to hook up a soundbar if you are looking for something with a bit of oomph.

– Wide viewing angles.

3 reasons NOT to buy

– The base stand is REALLY cheap – but then again that’s part of the reason this TV is such a bargain!

– More expensive LG TVs, like the OLED range, are able to control each pixel individually and actually turn each on off to achieve the truest blacks possible. Therefore, this model lags a long way behind the more premium sets in achieving colour contrast – but it is still competitive for a mid-market model.

– A small amount of judder when watching sport in 4k (as you might expect from mid-range TV processors).

The bottom line

This telly was an upgrade of the previous 49UH610V model, and despite its slightly smaller size, it has improved a lot from the previous generation. If you are upgrading from an HD set you are going to notice a huge difference, but for those used to more recent models, this is only a slightly above average TV.

However, the recent price drops, which mean you can sometimes pick the LG 43UJ630V up for less than £330, make this TV probably the best bargain available in the shops right now.



What users say

Amazon users give this TV a score of 4.1/5. We ran this through a fake review checker and at least 90% of the reviews check out, so we have quite a lot of confidence in this review score.

Tesco users gave it a score of 4.5/5.

Richer sounds users gave it a review of 4.6/5.

Overall these are excellent user reviews set of user reviews.

What the experts say

Which gave it a score of 68%, which is not enough to earn it a Best Buy award but does make it good value at this price.

TopUpTv did not give it a score, but did call it an “outstanding” set given the cost and seemed particularly impressed with the TV.

If you want to get really technical, then Marks Electrical have done this in depth product review.


The Grade