The success of GoPro was bound to lead to a raft of cheaper alternative action cameras being released and the GoXtreme 4K is one such model.

An action camera offering 4K video for under £100 sounds extremely tempting but can it possibly compare with the big brand in the market?

GoXtreme Vision 4K Action Camera review

The GoXtreme Vision 4K does provide decent quality video but it does struggle in certain conditions and its still photographs are disappointing. It does come with a lot of accessories but it is still missing a microSD card which you will need to make it work.

GoXtreme Vision 4K Action CamVideo quality

Despite the budget price the video quality is actually pretty good. It’s not up there with the more expensive models and it can’t reproduce the cinematic quality of the best GoPros, but in the right light conditions it can produce fantastic quality video.

Where it struggles is in low light. We found the image could become a tad grainy, losing the crisp definition and not doing as good a job catching motion. It’s still more than passable for the price but it can’t compete with the best you can buy.

Still picture quality

The picture quality of still photos taken with the camera is not great. We found the images we took came out grainy and with poor colour reproduction. While this is the kind of product you buy for video specifically, it is a shame that it isn’t better at snapping the occasional still photo as well.

Ease of use

GoXtreme Vision 4K CameraIt’s simple to use with a power on/menu button on the front of the camera, a shutter release button in the usual spot for a camera and two buttons for navigating menus down the right-hand side of the body. There are quite a few settings you can tweak although getting through all the menus can be a little slow and frustrating – thankfully the app (which we will cover later) makes this a lot easier to navigate.

Otherwise it is very much a point and shoot type of video recorder, just press the shutter release once to start recording and again to stop. The screen on the back of the camera works as the viewfinder.

You can get your videos and photos off the camera using the miniUSB slot or by removing the microSD memory card, but it also comes with wifi for connecting to a dedicated app from which you can download files to your smartphone.

GoXtreme Vision 4K Action Camera portsWifi and OKCAM app

As well as allowing you to download files the app works as a remote for the camera and is a much easier way of making changes to the camera settings than the fiddly onscreen menus. The remote control functionality is a particularly useful feature if you are planning on strapping the area in a hard to reach place such as the top of a helmet – although less so if you are doing watersports and you don’t have a waterproof phone.


Before we get to the generous allocation of accessories you do get with the camera it’s first worth talking about one that doesn’t come with it. To operate the camera you will need a microSD memory card and this doesn’t come included so you will need to buy this separately. While you can pick these up for a reasonable price, it is worth considering this when judging the price.

The most important accessory it does come with is the waterproof case. This means you can use it to a depth of up to 30m and also completes the GoPro-alike look of the design.

GoXtreme Vision 4K Action Camera waterproof caseThe other accessories it does come with are:

• Shield
• Bike mount
• Helmet mount
• Clip mount
• Orientation arms
• Tripod adaptor
• Monopod adaptor

GoXtreme Vision 4K Action Camera accessoriesPrice

The price is definitely the big attraction of the GoExtreme Vision 4K with it coming under £100 at some retailers. That’s significantly cheaper than the closest GoPro rival, especially when you consider the accessories that come included.


It’s not perfect and if you’re after the best quality video you will need to spend a bit more on an alternative, but if you’re just after something for taking fun videos as a hobby you could do a lot worse – and spend a lot more.

A good budget choice but you get what you pay for
Reasonable price
Lots of accessories included
Struggles in low light
No microSD card included