The Ezviz Mini Plus Wi-Fi security camera provides good performance for a value price.  A really well-balanced product and a compelling price make it our choice for a budget security camera.

Ezviz Mini Plus wifi security camera

In recent years a range of good quality options have appeared on the security camera market. Quality small cameras, Wi-Fi and app support has made it much easier to both make and install security cameras and the Evziz Mini Plus is a good example of one such product.

While Evziz may be a new brand in the market it is an extension of the more established CCTV manufacturer Hikvision. This heritage shows in the fact they have created a very capable security camera that is easy to use and performs well.

Picture quality

The Mini Plus features a 1080p camera that records at 15fps by default (can record up to 22fps at the highest quality). This is more than high enough quality for most needs and the feed comes through clear through the app. The lens captures 135 degrees so you can cover a whole room with a single camera.

The camera also includes night vision and this also appears very clear, especially for a camera at this price point (although it is black and white as it uses infrared LEDs).

It is worth noting that if you make use of the cloud recording quality is reduced to 720p to save bandwidth, but for almost any use this won’t make much difference.

Video recording and cloud storage

Unlike some rival cameras, the Mini Plus only records video when motion is detected. Video can be recorded via microSD (up to 128GB) or through the cloud recording feature, although you will have to sign up to a monthly contract to use this after an initial free trial which makes the running costs increase rapidly.

For 7 day storage, this costs £4.99 a month, with 30 day storage priced at £9.99. This is a fair bit cheaper than rivals such as Nest – but it is worth noting that the subscription is individual to each camera so if you wanted cloud storage for two cameras (for 7 days) it would cost £9.98 a month. You can save money by opting for the yearly subscriptions of £49.99 for 7 day storage or £99 for 30 days (both per camera).


Setting up security cameras has historically been a pain but this new generation of products turns this idea on its head. In the case of the Mini Plus this involves downloading the app for Android or iOS, scanning the QR code on the back of the camera and plugging in the camera using the provided long USB cable.

The camera can sit on any flat surface and is also magnetised so can attach to anything metal. If this still doesn’t suit your needs a metal plate is provided that can be screwed in place to allow the camera to sit in position.

Ezviz Mini Plus security camera magnetic back

Adding further cameras to your network is a case of just scanning the code on the back of the new cameras and putting them in position.

Within the app you have the ability to make further tweaks such as turning off the status light to allow the camera to be less conspicuous


The app is straightforward to use, providing immediate access to a live view of each camera with a thumbnail as well as recordings of times it has detected motion. Once in a live view of a camera you can zoom using the usual pinch motion and you can rotate your phone to get a larger view. You can also set security on the app, including fingerprint locking on supported devices.


Within the app you can control the notifications the camera sends you, including an alert everytime the camera detects motion. Obviously, in a home, this isn’t ideal so you can set a schedule for when you receive notifications day by day, although this only involves a start time and an end time so if you come home for lunch be prepared to set off your notifications.

The notifications can either be set to “soft” or “intense” and of the two we would heavily recommend soft, especially if you are going to be receiving a lot of false alarms due to pets or the lack of an easy way to set a more flexible schedule. The difference between the two is either a beep or a full-on siren type alarm that gets tiresome quickly.

Other features

A nice feature Evziz has included is two-way audio so you can talk and listen through the camera. This means it can work well as a camera for keeping an eye on kids or pets that have a penchant for walking across the dining table.

IFTTT (If This Then That) integration is included, opening up all kinds of possibilities if you are that way inclined, as well as Amazon Alexa and Google Assitant support.


One of the best things about the Ezviz Mini Plus is its incredibly reasonable price, costing around £80. This puts it at the bottom of the scale for similarly specced options from named manufacturers and makes it very attractive indeed. If you are looking for alternatives the closest we would recommend looking at would be the Y-Cam Evo but this will cost you an extra £20.


For the price, you won’t find a better Wi-Fi security camera. Easy to install, quality video and a nice supporting feature set make it a very appealing product. There are some little touches missing here and there but if you just want a dependable security camera to give you some extra peace of mind it is an excellent choice.

Great price
Quality video
Decent app
Can only set one notification period a day
Cloud storage adds running cost