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If you’re looking for the smallest of the small microwaves the Daewoo QT1 could the one for you. It’s not without its flaws, but the QT1 fills a very small niche and is a good option if every centimetre counts in your kitchen.

Popular for caravans and other camping uses thanks to its low power demands and tiny size, the QT1 is a good specialist microwave, but the low power and small capacity means for everyday use it falls behind regular microwaves.

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Daewoo QT1 Size

At 42.4 × 31.6 x 22.5 cm (WxDxH) the QT1 is about as small as a microwave can get. So for people with barely any counter space or a tiny cupboard they want to put a microwave in it may be one of the only choices.

This small size obviously limits the capacity of the microwave, giving only 14 litres, although the glass tray still does measure 25cm so you can get reasonably sized plates in.

Ease of use

Daewoo QT1 microwave dials

Operated using two manual dials, the QT1 is very easy to use although if you like to get very precise timings down to the second you won’t be able to as there isn’t a digital readout to tell you exactly the time you have selected.


The other drawback to the QT1 is the fact it can only cook at 600W. This is well below the average microwave and you will notice a difference in cooking times if you are used to using models capable of cooking at around 900W or more.


Daewoo QT1 Pink

Even for a microwave the QT1 isn’t the prettiest thing you are likely to have in your kitchen. Available in two colours, the standard white or with a pink body, it is a fairly basic utilitarian design, with the focus more on minimising space that making any form of fashion statement.


Available for around £55, the QT1 is very reasonably priced although not cheaper than some regular higher-powered models, so if you’re looking at a small model just to save money there’s are better options available.

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For tiny spaces the QT1 is an excellent choice, although if you have more space to play with a higher powered microwave will cook your food faster.

Daweoo QT1 Deals

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Daewoo QT1
Easy to use
Small capacity
Low power
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