Getting the right vacuum for picking up dog and pet hair can make the world of difference to animal owners. You need a cleaner powerful enough to pick up all the small strands of hair that get trapped in carpets and rugs, making your house look clean, but also making it a healthier place, particularly for anyone with allergies.

Rather not have to mess around with wires? Read our round-up of the best cordless vacuum cleaners.

Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Vacuum Cleaner

Miele C3 Cat and Dog Pet Hair Vacuum

Mieles do not come cheap, but they are fantastic machines. Regularly coming top of surveys and group tests the German brand has a deserved reputation for excellence. The C3 Cat and Dog is no exception and it’s turbobrush makes short work of pet hair no matter how ingrained into the carpet it is, while it’s air filter absorbs smells.

As a bagged cleaner you need to take into account the ongoing costs of bags, but you are unlikely to spend more than around £10-20 a year on new bags. You may also appreciate the neat HyClean bags if you are used to having to shake out dust from an open container.

It has a robust frame that can take a lot of punishment, and while it isn’t the lightest at 5.4kg it’s also not too heavy to lug up and down the stairs for most people. If the C3 is too expensive for you, it may be worth giving the Miele C2 a look.

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Vax U90-MA-Re Air Reach

Vax u90-ma-re air vacuum cleaner for pet hair (1)While this cleaner from Vax has a lot to recommend it, we have to admit the main selling point for us is the price. With it heavily discounted from its original price of £240 you can pick it up for around £90 if you shop around and coming with the features it does, it’s a fantastic deal.

It’s a fairly large upright so it might not be best for small flats but it is a serious vacuum for dealing with a whole house. It uses multi-cyclonic technology to provide powerful, consistent levels of suction that does well to pick up hair and includes a TurboTool for dealing with particularly stubborn clumps of fur.

It has a long 10m power cable and a 3.6m long hose for dealing with stairs etc so it has a decent cleaning range, although if you have large stairs you may need another cleaner more suited to this like one of our recommended cordless vacuum cleaners.

It’s not lightweight, but at 5kg most people shouldn’t have too much trouble lugging it up and down stairs; at least compared with other upright vacuum cleaners. It’s also worth noting it can be a little awkward to manoeuvre around furniture as it doesn’t have a dedicated feature to allow it to easily pivot.

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NUMATIC HVX200A2 Henry Xtra Vacuum Cleaner

Henry Xtra vacuum for pet hair

A high-powered version of vacuum royalty, Henry Xtra comes with an airobrush designed to tackle pet hair and it does a great job.

Popular with professional cleaners, Henry’s huge 9 litre capacity and 10 metre long cable make it easy to see why, although if you will need to take it up and down stairs a lot you may want to look at a different model, as at 9kg it is a lot heavier than the average cleaner.

With the top energy efficiency rating the Henry Xtra also won’t put too much strain on your electricity bill.

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Vax VRS206 Astrata 2 Pet

Vax VRS206 Astrata 2 Pet vacuum cleaner (1)If you’re after something a little cheaper and smaller the VRS206 is a great choice. It provides a huge amount of suction and is surprisingly quiet compared with some other models. It doesn’t use bags so running costs are lower than a bagged vacuum and it comes with a fairly average length 5m power cable and 1.5m long hose.

It’s not perfect, it can be a little difficult to pull along on its two back wheels and if you’re tall it can be awkward to use as the pole isn’t very long so you will have to stoop to use it on floors. It’s also not especially lightweight for a cylinder vacuum weighing in at just under 5kg, but the combination of price and performance make this a good option if you are on a budget.

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Shark Lift Away Light True Pet Vacuum NV340UKT

Shark Lift Away Light True Pet Vacuum NV340UKT

The Shark Lift Away aims to provide the power of an upright vacuum while also having the option to convert it into a handheld cleaner for dealing with tricker areas. This version comes with the powered pet brush which does a good job of pulling out dog hair from carpet and soft furniture, while Shark’s complete seal filter claims to hold 99.9% of dust and allergens. 

The full unit is on the heavy side, weighing in at 11kg, but the lightweight handheld mode means you can still get it around the house without too much trouble. If you register you cleaner on the Shark website you also get an extra 4 years warranty on to of the standard 12 months.

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