The term ‘mattress protector’ is used loosely to describe a fitted cover that may or may not insulate the mattress from liquids. Strictly, we think that only waterproof covers are protectors; and so we refer to permeable covers as mattress covers, but both types are included in this round-up.

A mattress is an expensive purchase that is definitely worth safeguarding with a mattress protector. All protectors help to keep the mattress clean, protect from general wear and tear and should be readily washable. Covers and protectors offer different levels of protection against dirt, allergens and liquids but a mattress must be completely enclosed in a zippered cover to prevent invasion by bed bugs.

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Covers are usually quilted and stretched over the mattress beneath the sheets to provide additional comfort. They may absorb sweat and help contain dust allergens. Protectors are waterproof and, while also usually quilted, the primary purpose is not to add comfort. Like covers, protectors fit beneath the bottom sheet and can filter irritants. Traditional rubberised protectors (similar to those used in baby cots) can be hot to sleep on and can change the feel of the mattress. Newer protectors use a cotton/polyurethane laminate with wicking properties and are breathable.

Our list of Best Mattress Protectors features three well-reviewed mattress covers and four mattress protectors, including a six-sided protector at a great price.

Best Mattress Covers

Highliving Quilted Mattress Protector

Highliving Quilted Mattress CoverThis cover adds softness to the mattress-top with its 100% polyester filling in a 50/50 cotton/polyester blend surface. The top is quilted and the elasticated bottom-edge will stretch over mattresses as deep as 33cm. Reviewers report that it is durable and washes well at temperatures up to 40ºC. Highliving offers this cover on a full range of bed sizes. While not waterproof, this is a good-quality mattress cover at a budget price.

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Linens Limited Polycotton Mattress Protector

Linens Limited quilted mattress coverThe Linens Limited Protector has a quilted top filled with 110 gsm polyester; the cover is a polycotton blend. The corners of the cover are elasticated and designed to fit over mattresses as deep as 33cm. It is machine washable at 40ºC but tumble-drying is not recommended. This cover will aid sleep comfort and help keep the mattress clean and unmarked. It is not waterproof but is a basic and durable product, offered at an everyday price.

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Fine Linens Fleece Mattress Topper

Fine Linens fleece mattress coverThis topper will add warmth and softness to any mattress. The top is made from a quilted polyester fleece and the filling is 100% polyester for machine-washability. It is held in place beneath a fitted sheet by straps that fit around the lower corners of the mattress and is offered in three different sizes to fit single, double and king-sized beds. The Fine Linens topper will enhance the coziness of any mattress but is especially worth considering for situations where a mattress is growing a little tired or lumpy and replacement is not an option. Reviews are positive and this a very comfortable pad at a very reasonable cost.

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Best Waterproof Mattress Protectors

Bettersleep Waterproof Mattress Protector

Bettersleep Mattress protectorThe Bettersleep cover offers complete mattress protection via a waterproof and breathable polyurethane backing that is soft and does not rustle. The cover will also inhibit the movement of allergens and dust mites. The top surface is a soft-touch, quilted microfibre and the fully-fitted skirt is 25cm deep, which is sufficient to fit most mattresses. The protector is machine washable and is offered in single; double; king and super-king sizes. Reviewers report excellent performance in conditions of incontinence, and good durability through several laundry cycles. This protector is well worth its price as a safeguard against wear and accidental damage to your mattress.

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Silentnight Premium Waterproof Mattress Protector

Silentnight Waterproof Mattress ProtectorThis protector has a polyester cover that offers good protection against spills and accidents. The sides are waterproof and measure 30cm to fit deep mattresses. It is machine-washable at 40ºC and some reviewers recommend pre-washing before use to remove some of the fabric’s ‘crinkle’. Silentnight is a well-known, reliable brand and this protector comes with a two-year guarantee. It is available in single, double and king sizes, and it is a great-value choice to guard against mattress damage caused by liquids.

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Dreamzie Waterproof Mattress Protector

Dreamzie Waterproof mattress protectorManufactured in Europe, the Dreamzie protector has a soft 100% cotton cover and breathable polyurethane backing that effectively blocks all fluids. It is certified against the presence of harmful chemicals and features the manufacturer’s Bi-Ome treatment which blocks common allergens. The Dreamzie protector comes in a full range of sizes from cot to super-king and is designed to fit mattresses up to 30cm in depth. It is machine-washable at 60ºC and will tolerate low-temperature drying cycles, and it comes with a 10-year guarantee. Reviews are excellent and this is a top-quality mattress protector at an affordable price.

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Soak and Sleep Ultimate Mattress Encasement

Soak and Sleep Ultimate Mattress Encasement bed bug protectorTotal encasement is essential for anyone seeking to prevent bed bugs encroaching on their mattress. This is a six-sided, mattress protector with adjustable sides that will fit mattresses up to 40cm deep and an all-round zip closure. We like the attention to detail that provides a velcro flap to seal the small opening where the zipper ends. Manufactured from 100% polyester, the protector has a soft feel and is hypo-allergenic and water resistant (not water-proof). The Soak and Sleep mattress cover is machine-washable in cool water and comes in single, double, king and super-king sizes. This is a great choice at a feasible price for anyone who needs to combine mattress protection with a barrier against bed bugs.

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