Whether you’ve got a small dog, a high car or your best friend is just getting on in years, a dog ramp can make getting them in and out of your vehicle easier and more comfortable for both of you. Ramps are particularly helpful for dogs with arthritis but also work well as a preventative measure, reducing the wear of repetitive demanding actions like making big jumps onto hard surfaces.

With a range of options available, you can opt for folding or telescopic ramps as well as ones that incorporate soft and non-slip materials to be gentle on your pet’s joints.

What to look for in a dog ramp

When picking a ramp there are a few things that are absolutely crucial to consider. The ramp must be sturdy enough to support your dog’s weight, as well as wide enough to make walking on it easy, but you also want it to be light enough to easily get in position and unfold.

The type of fold or telescope is a factor – the fewer the joints the more stable the ramp will be, but it will also not fold as small so it’s worth measuring the space you want to store the ramp in your car.

The material of the ramp can also make a difference. If your dog has arthritis or a similar condition something soft on the joints and non-slip will help minimise discomfort. Finally, the price will play a part with good dog ramps ranging between £50-120.

Best Dog Ramps for Cars

Trixie Petwalk Folding Ramp

Trixie Dog Ramp for CarsThis plastic ramp from Trixie folds in half to save space with it measuring 156 x 40 x 8cm when unfolded. It weighs 4.5kg and supports a dog weighing up to 90kg. The surface of the ramp is textured to prevent slipping even when wet and the ramp has safety rails to guide your pet safely in and out of your car. It’s very well priced at around £50, but if you have a large dog we’d recommend looking at something a little sturdier.

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Pet Gear PG9300DR Tri-fold Pet Ramp

Pet Gear PG9300DR Dog Ramp for carsThis ramp has two hinges folding it into a third of its size for easier storage. Like the Trixie it is non-slip coated, although it doesn’t have safety rails down the side. The manufacturer recommends it for a dog up to 250 pounds (113kg) so it can hold more than the Trixie but only a small amount more. The ramp measures 180.3 x 49.5 x 10.2cm when unfolded.

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Petsafe Solvit Telescopic Dog Ramp

PetSafe Solvit Telescopic Dog Ramp for carsThis telescopic dog ramp may cost a fair bit more but it is an excellent choice for large dogs. It can hold an animal up to 180kg and still slide away from its full 44.4 x 12.1 x 102.9cm to 99.06cm long. It weighs 6.69kg and is non-slip with a guard rail for extra safety.

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Pawhut Folding Pet Ramp

Pawhut Folding Aluminium Dog Ramp for carsThe Pawhut ramp is a bifold aluminium ramp capable of supporting pets up to 135kg. Measuring 183 x 36 x 5cm when unfolded and 93 x 38 x 12.5cm when folded, it is suitable for most cars and weighing 6.25kg it isn’t too heavy to lug into place. Like the other ramps in our list it is coated with a non-slip surface to help prevent accidents. It is a little more expensive than other bifold ramps, but if you want to opt for the strength of aluminium over plastic, it’s a good choice.

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