A 4 slice toaster can literally halve the amount of time it takes to make breakfast, even if you’re only making it for two people. But that’s only the case if you have a quality, reliable toaster that delivers evenly toasted bread.

Like every other product, not all toasters were made equal. When picking your toaster you need to consider not only how evenly and consistently it toasts, but also how easy is to get the bread out when it’s done, are the slots wide enough to accommodate larger bread products like crumpets and can it also defrost frozen bread?

That’s all before you consider is it easy to clean and empty the inevitable build-up of crumbs, design and, crucially, price. To save you this hassle we’ve collected together the best 4 slice models to make your morning routine that much easier.

Russell Hobbs Buckingham 4 slice toaster

Russell Hobbs Buckingham 4 slice toaster

This stainless steel toaster from Russell Hobbs works as two 2 slice toasters stuck together with independent controls and crumb trays for each side. It works very well, claiming to toast 55% faster than previous models. While we can’t confirm that exact percentage, we can confirm it is a very fast and capable toaster, providing an even consistent browning.

The levers feel strong and come all the way up, making your finished toast easily accessible from the wide slots which have enough space for crumpets and wider items. There is a variable browning control and a defrost option for toasting from frozen, as well as a blue LED light along the bottom that lights up when it is toasting.

This light matches the Buckingham kettle which we also found to be an impressive model if you are looking for a matching kettle toaster set.

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De’Longhi CTJ4003.BK four slice toaster

Delonghi ctj4003 toasterThis model from De’Longhi isn’t cheap, but it does perform very well and includes a striking design. As well as the faceted body, with a whole range of matching products, even the controls are well designed with a nice dial for selecting the level of toast you are after.

It has variable width slots so not only will it fit wider things like crumpets, you can also tighten them up for a better toast of thinner sliced bread. It has an extra high lift to make it easy to take out your finished toast although we found the strength of the springs alone could sometimes fire smaller bits of toast clear of the toaster all by themselves.

It includes defrost and reheat functions (which is particularly useful if you’ve mistimed your eggs with your toast) which work well, although the really stand-out element for us was the fantastically even performance when doing regular toasting.

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Breville VTT470 four slice toaster

Breville VTT687 4 slice toasterThis model may look more like a kitchen radio than a toaster but you can take our word for it that it toasts well.

It includes all the features you would expect including a defrost mode and a cancel button, as well as a browning control for getting the kind of toast that you want. The slots are wide enough to accommodate crumpets and sliced bagels, as well as thick cut bread.

It includes crumb trays to make it easy to clean and independent levers for each side of the toaster so you only need to use one side if you only have two slices to toast. Performance wise it does a good job of getting a consistent and relatively even toast, perhaps not as uniform as the De’Longhi but more than good enough for most people.

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Morphy Richards Accents four slice toaster

Morphy Richards Accents ToasterThis model from Morphy Richards looks more like a traditional toaster than some of the others on our list, and if you’re after a toaster that just does its job well you could do worse than this one. It’s not the cheapest but it toasts evenly and consistently and there’s not a lot more you can ask.

It comes with a defrost setting as well as a useful reheat option for giving your toast a quick warm up once the rest of your breakfast is ready. There isn’t a specific high lift function, although the trays for the toast do lift high by themselves and it’s unlikely you will have any issues removing your finished toast.

If you’re not specifically after a black model have a look at some of the other options available on Amazon as we have seen them priced a bit cheaper as well.

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Dualit 4 Slot Lite Toaster

Dualit 4 slot lite toaster

If you want to go for the Rolls-Royce of toasters you’ll be looking for a Dualit. This iconic British brand is known for its quality and middle-class design credentials and this 4 slice toaster delivers both.

Separate controls for each side of the toaster give you the flexibility to either cook different products or the same product to different levels and it even includes a specific bagel toasting mode if you’re aiming for a New York style breakfast. The bread is raised with levers giving you clear access, without the chance of burning your fingers and you can also use these to peak at how “done” your bread is without turning the toaster off and back on again.

The slots are generous for fitting larger slices or crumpets in and there is a defrost mode available. This is an excellent toaster, although it does also come with a similarly impressive price tag.

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