The Beko WM84145W is simply on of the best budget washing machines available in the shops at the moment. It might not be a brand you instantly recognise, but this Turkish manufacturer has been building up a formidable reputation in the appliance and white goods industry.

This model is not exactly slim, it can be a bit noisy and some of its cycles are a bit long. However, it offers great washing power, even with cold water and has a decent 8kg capacity, which means it can comfortably handle a family of 4 people.


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The Plus Points

In terms of overall aesthetics, the WM84145W is a pretty standard affair, but there is a lot of subtle work that has gone into its digital display. Simplicity is the watchword here. The 6 buttons and turn dial are designed so that even the biggest technophobes can relatively easily work out the available options. There are a reasonable number of programmes – 15 overall – which is more than adequate for everyone except the most meticulous washers.

Beko WM84145W display

Washing is quite exceptional for a machine of this price too. Even if you go to 30 degrees, Beko’s technology does a pretty effective job at removing stains and giving clothes a fresh smell (though it does seem to gobble up fabric softener to do this).

Energy efficiency is also impressive, with the Beko WM84145W scoring an A+++ overall (though spin drying efficiency only gets a B grade). Running costs are also reduced by some smart features. For example, the water level is halved when you only put a small load in. Also, “Aquafusion technology” works to reduce the amount of wasted detergent, mean you can usually get away with putting in 25% less.

Beko WM84145W container

You can expect your clothes to last longer too. Washing can really wear them out, but Beko’s AquaWave drum is specifically designed to be less abrasive on your clothes, moving them around in a wave pattern that minimises the damage caused by collision with the holes in the drum.

Spin speed is a pretty powerful 1400rpm. Strangely, this does not always leave clothes as dry as we would expect, and it is not always available on quicker programmes. If needed though, you can stick your clothes back in on a spin cycle and it only takes 12 minutes.

What Are The Downsides?

Cycles can be a bit long on this machine. There is one incredibly rapid setting that offsets this problem and can give a 2kg load a spruce up in just 14 minutes. Otherwise, the daily quick cycle takes a less than speedy 2 hours 40 minutes.

It’s also a bit noisy. This is no doubt a by-product of its vigorous spin, but might be more than a little jarring for your neighbours if you live in a flat that’s not on the ground floor.

You also won’t get the really detailed, convenient programmes of more costly machines. Pet hair, anti-creasing cycles etc are not available. Sorry, you’re going to have to fork out more for such luxuries.

We also came across some reviews that complained of a burning smell on faster spins and at higher temperatures, but this does not appear to be a widespread issue.

Key Specifications At A Glance

  • Dimensions: 85 x 60 x 540cm
  • Capacity 8kg
  • Spin speed: 1400
  • Energy Efficiency: A+++
  • Washing Performance: A
  • Programme Coverage: Good – it has 15 programmes and covers all material types.
  • Time Delay: Yes – up to 19 hours.
  • Manufacturer guarantee: Yes, for one year.
A great bargain
Great price
Strong washing performance
Good brand
Bit noisy
Cycles can be a bit long