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What the experts say

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10 /10

Expert Reviews described the Garmin Vivoactice 3 as the "best value multi-sport watch" and a "great all-rounder". The battery life is strong and the watch has GPS and 24/7 heart rate monitoring. However, the design is a little ugly. It was also described as being on the expensive side but it has fallen to almost half the price since it was reviewed.

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8 /10

TechRadar, in contrast, liked the design and tracking capabilities and the addition of a payments system and smartwatch notifications make it a "versatile wearable". There are drawbacks to the smart features though, notably no music and you can't reply yo texts on iOS.

What users say

22 Jan 2020

10 /10

Really pleased with this purchase - comfortable to wear and has lots of great functions. Links well and easily with phone and other devices. Data seems pretty accurate - the GPS is v consistent and reliable.

19 Nov 2019

8 /10

After lots of research I bought this watch which would also enable me to listen to music/podcasts. I thought it was worth the extra money. In hindsight I should have bought the basic version without music. You can only download Spotify which I didn't want to pay to use. I thought I could download BBC podcasts (as a licence payee) and could I? No. So my watch is excellent for tracking every run I do but totally useless in the music department unless you pay for a subscription to Spotify.

16 Oct 2019

8 /10

This is a really good all round smartwatch that is very fairly priced. Only had the watch a week but: GPS and tracking HR during runs have been excellent Battery lift is great at present Sleep tracker is a little off so probably the only con I haven't tried all of the features yet, for example music - it's a shame it doesn't support Google play music It depends what you're using the watch for but if you're a runner I'd definitely recommend!

06 Aug 2019

6 /10

Heart rate monitor is not as good as other devices. Great for cycling but not good for the gym or circuit training. Changed to another device

31 Jul 2019

2 /10

After 7 days I had to return this item. It was quite glitchy and froze twice within the order week in which I had to reboot it. This is no good if you’re about to go for a run and track your excersize. It also wouldn’t connect to the garmin App Store on my phone in order to download apps onto the watch unless I competed deleted the app and redownloaded it each time. The music side and fitness tracking of this watch was good, however the freezing and overall ‘glitchiness’ was not worth it.

22 Jul 2019

10 /10

How have I gone so long without one of these watches? I have been running for the past 3 years and used my phone to track my running and listen to music... I eventually got fed up with the cable and having to carry a phone around with me, so I bit the bullet and got a Garmin. I was beside myself when I found it tracks many other activities other than running, and so pleased I made the purchase!

07 May 2019

2 /10

Looks cheap,feels cheap. Isn’t accurate at all. Messes up in water. Doesn’t track swimming correctly. Swapped it for an Apple Watch and it’s so much better

03 Apr 2019

10 /10

Love this watch not only is it on trend but gives you the kick up the bum you need whilst playing music too!

20 Mar 2019

8 /10

The first one was faulty with a very bad battery drain and sync problems everyday. Second one does everything it was supposed to do. So beware of you have these problems, some do and some don't after some investigation.

04 Jul 2018

8 /10

Great watch easy to use and great way to track your progress. GPS works well and workout programs are pretty good. Wish I had bought the one down without music as I believe you can’t sync music from iPhone you need to have an app which then you have to pay for Which is not mentioned in the description. It cost an extra £40 for music watch.