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coach logo

10 /10

Coach Mag had high praise for the Forerunner 45 calling it "the best budget running watch". It's really accurate, tracks a wide range of sports (including yoga) and yet is easy to use. It also has nice features beyond the usual sports and sleep tracking such as the Body Battery that tells you how much energy you have left. However it is not super attractive, doesn't have a swimming mode and the sleep tracking had accuracy difficulties. As a smartwatch, it only delivers basic notifications.

wareable logo

9 /10

Wareable recommended the Forerunner 45 highly too. Its mass of high-end features (e.g. V02 max) are rarely seen on such a budget watch. On the negative side, the screen is low res, the battery isn't the longest-lasting and the heart rate tracking has some inaccuracies.

toms guide logo

7 /10

Tom's Guide was less impressed. It is good value, but feels a little basic. If you pay a bit more for a Galaxy Watch Active you will get a lot more.

What users say

12 May 2020

10 /10

I have been looking for a watch to replace the Fitbit Surge that I previously had. I loved my fitbit for the GPS and features and trying to find a replacement with everything I wanted on it was difficult. Rhe Garmin Forerunner is stylish to look at with various different options for the watch face. The GPS is really good and once you are used to it the watch is very easy to use. The App is better than Fitbit in my opinion with a much better breakdown of the different features. A great purchase.

30 Apr 2020

10 /10

Plenty of features for the money, easy to use, finds the GPS signal quickly and connects well with Strava.

07 Jan 2020

10 /10

Links to phone. Easy to set-up and use whilst running.

27 Dec 2019

10 /10

Bought for my son, fits his slim wrist and he loves it