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What the experts say

stuff logo

10 /10

Stuff reckons this is an awesome watch for those who are almost neurotically addicted to tracking all of their health and workout metrics. It's a full-on watch that is built to last and has awesome battery life. The fact it's doing so much can make it a bit confusing for the average user though who might prefer a Fitbit. It's also pricey!

toms guide logo

9 /10

Tom's Guide was also impressed by the battery life, a wide range of tracking and battery life. A low screen resolution and a hefty price tag counted against the Fenix 5 but were not enough to stop it getting an excellent rating.

wareable logo

9 /10

Echoing the other expert reviews, Wareable said this is the king of watches for the truly active. Interestingly, the heart rate sensor was seen as a bit of a let down having a bit of difficulty tracking sudden changes (e.g. during HIIT).

What users say

01 Aug 2019

10 /10

Plenty of functionality. Long batter live and modern design

31 Jul 2019

10 /10

Nice looking watch. Initial setup took 20 minutes and after this was all easy. Looks like is accurate . Will recommend

14 May 2019

10 /10

The Fenix 5 is an excellent sport watch, well made, well designed and packed with sports, fitness and health features. It is primarily a sport watch with some smart watch features and it functions as such. The app interface with Garmin Connect is the same for all of their devices. The watch is way more than anyone but fairly serious athletes needs. If you are looking for a smart watch or a fitness tracker then the Fenix 5 is not the right device, but as a sport watch it is an excellent choice.

09 Jan 2019

10 /10

I have saved hard for this multi activity trIning watch as I want to use it for general fitness and other outdoor activities like kayaking, paddle boarding and hillwalking. It certainly doesn’t disappoint as it does everything and more. The battery life in normal step tracking and watch is easily over a week and I managed three good days of gps activity before it usd down to 20% charge. One word excellent.

28 Sep 2018

10 /10

I was torn between the new Samsung Smart watch and the Garmin. I am pleased I chose the Garmin as its got lots of great features and importantly battery life is very good. At first there seems a lot to remember which button to press but after a few days it will be no problem. It's unlikely I will I use all the features but good to know they are available! Lots of on line videos and Garmin connect site is very good.

01 Aug 2018

10 /10

This was an upgrade from the Fenix 3HR, and I immediately noticed several improvements. The display is crisper and of a higher resolution and the menu system is more intuitive to use. If you're new to the Fenix range and want a fully-featured sports wearable to improve your training and fitness, then in my opinion, there is nothing better.

25 Jul 2018

10 /10

Fantastic bit of kit. Excellent battery life and superb phone app interface. Links seamlessly with strava etc.

11 Jul 2018

10 /10

This is a great watch I have tried several different types of fitness tracker but this is by far the best I have ever tried. For me it was about battery life and this does not dissapoint. A full week of wearing and over 10 hours using full GPS and still had 25% battery remaining. Extra downloadable apps are great, takes a while to get used to all the functions but not rocket science. I like that I can save direct to strava with no hassle, just by clicking save after a walk on the watch.