#FindMike: Man Searches For Stranger Who Stopped Him Jumping Off Waterloo Bridge

On 14 January 2008, Johnny Benjamin, who was struggling with schizoaffective disorder tried to commit suicide on Waterloo Bridge. However he was approached by a man, “Mike”, who helped to talk him down.

He was very calm and said “Please don’t do this, I’ve been where you are and you can get better. Let’s have a coffee and we can talk about this…He reminded me of what people do every day so the normality of it was really inviting.

Now Johnny is trying to find the man who helped him:

All that is know is the man looked in his early twenties and is being dubbed “Mike”, though this is unlikely to be his real name.

Johnny and Rethink Mental Illness have launched a huge campaign to find the man who helped him and you can help by publicising the campaign on Twitter, Facebook or by emailing findmike@rethink.org.