Eric Pickles “Called Councillor ‘Little Shit’ in front of Kids” Then Stormed Off For A Curry

Eric Pickle Sontararn

Sontaran look-a-like Eric Pickles has lost his increasingly short temper again. He had made his way to a champagne lunch on Sunday and while there was politely asked if he would reconsider his decision to get rid of 88 acres of woodland in Kent. This was his reported reply:

“This is nothing to do with me. It was decided by a junior official.”

Tony Hardwood, the Lib Dem spokesman on planning then pointed out that as he had signed off the decision it was ultimately up to him to take responsibility. Having not been able to wriggle out of the situation, Pickles decided to go to plan B:

Mr Pickles went bright red and allegedly swore at Tony – overheard by demonstrators – before storming past a large group of local protestors and into an Indian restaurant for a curry.

Local resident Kathryn Smith witnessed the event:

I was amazed when he swore at Tony. The whole attitude of Pickles was contemptuous. And this followed the behaviour of our MP who sat in her car rather than talk to her constituents, then scurried into the restaurant. We simply wanted to ask her if she would, as she promised, use her influence to talk to Mr Pickles about his decision.

Mr Pickles has since denied that he swore, but not that he stormed off for a curry.