These stylish speakers certainly look the part and deliver a very decent level of sound quality for the price. They may be lacking a bit of oomph when compared with more expensive systems (especially any with a separate sub-woofer) but they perform well as mid-range Bluetooth speakers.


The most obvious thing you first notice about the E25 Luna speakers is their striking design. There’s something a little 70s sci-fi about them and we’re not entirely sure if that’s a compliment or a criticism, but they are certain to elicit a strong reaction.

Edifier E25 Luna Bluetooth SpeakersOverall we like the design, although the bright red option does go a bit far for us personally. We’re particularly impressed with the cut outs for the bass radiators, making them a real feature of the design.

Adding the controls as touch buttons down the side of the speakers is a nice touch as they don’t ruin the line of the speakers – although the make sure your fingers are clean before using them and leaving a mark on the nice shiny finish.

Edifier E25HD Luna Eclipse speakers RedSound Quality

Sound quality is pretty good and they perform much better than your average Bluetooth speakers. Don’t expect professional studio quality sound but for the price, the Lunas deliver a well-balanced sound. A clear mid-range and decent top-end are complemented by a surprisingly good level of bass – although if you really want strong bass performance it is worth opting for something with a separate woofer.

They are also capable of getting very loud (15W output for each treble driver and 22W for each bass) with barely any distortion to show for it, which is especially impressive at this price point.

Edifier E25 Luna Bluetooth Speakers bass radiatorConnectivity

The E25HD speakers include Bluetooth 4.0 so you will be able to stream music from mobile phones and other wireless devices. As well as Bluetooth compatibility, there are 3.5mm and optical/coaxial inputs for wired connection. The optical input is especially important if you want to use the speakers with a TV without a delay to the sound.


Setting the speakers up is very easy and is just a case of plugging in the power, input (if you are using something other than Bluetooth) and connecting the two speaker units with the supplied cable.

You can then use the remote to turn the speaker on and follow the simple instructions to pair the speakers through Bluetooth, or leave the speakers on the regular input and they will be ready to be used.

Edifier E25 Luna Bluetooth Speaker Touch ControlsPrice

At around £180 they are firmly in the mid range of Bluetooth speakers. It is possible to find cheaper (and very easy to spend a considerable amount more) but there aren’t many of this level of quality at this price.


They are not world beaters but for less than £200 they are an excellent pair of speakers. The Bluetooth and optical inputs give them the flexibility to be used both as TV and room speakers and they will provide a considerable improvement on any built-in TV speakers. If this is the top of your budget, you won’t find a lot better and you could find considerably worse.

Decent sound quality
Little distortion at high volumes
Striking design
No separate woofer