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8 /10

Expert Reviews found the V7 Trigger, the cheapest handheld Dyson, to be a good occasional use cleaner but not powerful enough to be your only vacuum cleaner. As a lightweight handheld it is easy to move around the home and does provide decent suction, although it still lacks the punch of the other Vs in the Dyson range.

9 /10

Cordless Vacuum Guide recommends the V7 Trigger as an excellent choice for cleaning upholstery thanks to decent suction levels and the mini motorised brush. Other tools make it versatile although the lack of a hose does limit it somewhat. It is also expensive for a handheld vacuum cleaner and the small bin makes it unpractical as a whole-house cleaner.

What users say

25 Dec 2020

8 /10

Pros: The power and the filter/ emptying design
Cons: Should come with a wall mount ...... frustrated that I had to buy separately

08 Apr 2020

4 /10

Very disapointed at V7 animal upgrade.
The battery in my Dyson V6 had stopped charging so I upgraded to the Dyson V7 Animal and I am very dissapointed with it. As a 92 year old lady, I found the Dyson V7 Animal a lot heavier then the Dyson V6, much more difficult to empty and I found the performance of the Dyson V7 Animal was not as good as the Dyson V6. I wished I had just bought a new battery for my old Dyson V6 now.

22 May 2019

10 /10

My hand held Dyson vacuum does what it says
I wanted a small hand held chargeable vacuum cleaner for my stairs and car. Also any small amounts of dust that needed cleaning up. This Dyson does all I wanted and as you can leave it on charge all the time it is always ready to handy.

18 May 2019

10 /10

The best for my car
I use this in my car and couldn’t be without it. Having kids and pets, there is always a mess in my car. Suction is fantastic and it is such a great tool ! Certainly makes my life easier! Love it

08 May 2019

10 /10

I cannot fault this atal
This is gantastic in every way easy to use holds a good charge, but only about 10 mins on full power. However i havnt needed to as the suction is superb and very smooth and quiet, i shopped about for a while for a handheld. My advice is stop lookin and buy the v7 it ticks all the boxes 10/10

24 Apr 2019

10 /10

Love my V7
I really love how good this product is and how powerful it can be to pick up the tiniest of crumbs. It is ideal for a small flat or to clean small areas.

17 Apr 2019

10 /10

Great car vac
Wanted a good car vac. Although I bought it for that purpose, it's so useful in the house as well.

16 Apr 2019

10 /10

Ordered for a friend. She is over the moon with it. Excellent performance for hoovering the stairs and crumbs up after the kids!

01 Mar 2019

10 /10

Dyson V7 best vacuum cleaner I am so so happy
Wow it’s very good and easy light !o love it !My house is palace now clean clean !!

27 Dec 2018

5 /10

Pros: Small
Cons: My hand does not fit in the handle it’s designed for a woman or child

07 Oct 2018

6 /10

Ok performance, but battery life is terrible
First off, the battery life is appalling. It only lasts 10 minutes tops on max power, which you need to use as on regular power it's pretty useless. This was bought for cleaning the car, but it's no good for this as the unit itself is too big and unwieldy to fit around the tight areas. The shape of the trigger also means it digs into your thumb so using it hurts after 5 mins. Quite good for cleaning stairs with the attached carpet nozzle so no cords trailing around but that's it

28 Sep 2018

10 /10

Pros: Charges quickly, powerful
Cons: None

30 Aug 2018

8 /10

Sucks well when charged
On high power with brush attachment the run time per charge is VERY limited

12 Sep 2017

10 /10

Pros: Lightweight, easy to use with all attachments
Cons: Reviewer left no comment

07 May 2017

8 /10

Pros: Performance: suction and pick up is outstanding despite the challenges presented by 3 dogs 2 sons and a tortoise. We are also right near a beach so sand and shingle is a frequent issue.Ease of use: Truly plug and play, the lack of cord and weight make it much more attractive to grab to run round the house more than once a day. Brilliant for stairs especially furry ones with a clumsy cleaner.Low noise: both me and dogs hate noisy hoovers and this is the first model in years they haven't felt the need to run round and bark at.Light weight & manoeuvrable. apart from the floppy head its works really well on all surfaces, including tiles, wood and coir matting with no 'pinging' of dirt on hard surfaces.
Cons: Packaging and instructions: a lot of what appears to be unnecessary packing and plastics and the instructions are not clear; there's no information on heads etcBattery life: its fine for multiple daily run rounds, but not up to deep cleaning the whole house on one charge.Floppy suction head: not sure if this is flaw or just mine but the suction head has a tendency to flop down (as per charging position) when being moved from one surface to another which is a little irritating.Emptying mechanism: initially this felt a little flimsy but seems to work well, however i have managed to pinch my hand it it twice closing it (I'm left handed and clumsy)Trigger mechanism: husband finds this having to hold this in irritating would prefer on off switch.