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What the experts say

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10 /10

Despite the high price, longer charge times and heavier weight the Dyson V11 was well rated by Expert Reviews due to its strong cleaning power. The High Torque cleaner head was particularly praised for its performance.

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10 /10

A whopping 98/100 was awarded to the V11 by Good Housekeeping. Top-notch performance is combined with ease of use and an intuitive LCD screen. The wall-mounted charger is a neat way to store the vacuum too. It does take a while to charge though and will put a dent in your wallet.

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10 /10

Another flawless review from Stuff makes this vacuum the darling of the reviewers. Stuff right praised its comprehensive accessories, easy-empty bin, LCD screen and most of all strong performance. If you can just get over that price tag, then you have an excellent machine on your hands.

What users say

01 Apr 2021

8 /10

Good product, but with some drawbacks
There's no doubt this is an excellent product and cleans well. However, for the money, I feel there are some drawbacks. An interchangeable battery would be useful, as it takes so long to fully charge for just 60 minutes use, less if you're not using the eco mode. I personally find it somewhat uncomfortable on my hand, having to keep the button on to use it, it rubs against the handle and caused a small blister. It's also a bit irritating that it doesn't stand upright on its own, if you just want to stop for a minute and move something, you have to find a surface to lean it against! I've not had a cordless machine before, so didn't think of these things when we bought it. However, it's much lighter than my previous Dyson, so easier for me to clean the stairs and it does work well. Generally, I think a bit overpriced!

26 Feb 2020

10 /10

This vacuum is by far the best cleaner I have ever owned. It is powerful and very functional. The attachments are simple to change. It is light and no cord to get tangled and caught. It has ample charge to hoover my entire house and furniture and quickly removes all trace of dog hairs. It automatically adjusts to carpets,tiles,wooden floor and thick rugs.The dusting brush is perfect for pictures, lampshades and piano keys! I could not be happier with it and has reduced my cleaning time.

25 Feb 2020

8 /10

Don’t drop or use on water

19 Feb 2020

10 /10

What a powerful hoover & absolutely brilliant. So glad I purchased it as am very impressed & will defo recommend to a friend.

04 Feb 2020

4 /10

Everything is good Only that battery runs out and needs to be plugged in rather than swapping out batteries therefore if cleaning is scheduled it will not be a good buy as battery is built in Also, the brushes are delicate and are made from carbon fibre and can be damaged easily therefore replacement parts would be required and they are expensive but overall a good hoover with power

27 Dec 2019

10 /10

Love my new dyson, it is simply amazing.

28 Nov 2019

10 /10

This is a great cordless cleaner, Dyson are by no means the cheapest but well worth the extra cost, far more power and battery life than our last Dyson cleaner, and more than enough tools, the only thing missing is a short flexible hose to help in cleaning in the car.

29 Oct 2019

10 /10

This hoover is so easy to use that it makes cleaning less of a hassle! Would totally recommend it to my friends.

23 Oct 2019

10 /10

We bought this as an upgrade from a corded Dyson. My partner found it very easy to use on the stairs and to carry upstairs, it has enough battery charge and plenty of power. She loves it so much I don’t think I will ever have to vacuum the house ever again :)

20 Oct 2019

6 /10

This review is for using Dyson on Laminate flooring. Negative: *Takes very long to charge. * Expensive in comparison with other products in the market doing exactly the same thing. * The cleaning on laminate flooring is restricted to dust. *It is heavy and it can be difficult to use constantly. * Huge and it takes space for storing. Positive: * it does what it says in terms of cleaning all the dust and hair. * Easy to clean the vacuum and its filter.

15 Oct 2019

10 /10

As a keen fan of Dyson cleaners, i always felt that there was one job they failed on. Couldn’t pick up the seed left on the floor by my parrots. But this thing is perfect picks up everything, So far i’m very impressed by its performance, Time will tell, It ticks all the boxes at the moment. I hope it works out as i gave my corded one to my daughter.

10 /10

Makes vacuuming (almost) fun
I write this after several weeks of lockdown. My dearly beloved was making zero effort with the cleaning, and given that we both have full-time jobs, things were getting tense. We already had a Dyson, but it was heavy and cumbersome and it wasn't cordless. As we stand little chance of having a holiday, we invested our money in this top of the range cordless model. I could never have imagined that we'd pick a vacuum cleaner over a holiday, but 2020 has been filled with surprises if nothing else. This really is an amazing device. So light, powerful and easy to manouevre. We have engineered wood floors and this model has the fitting for hard floors. If you rest a torch on the floor before vacuuming, you can see all the dust and pet hair on the floor. After a quick whizz round with the Dyson, it's all gone. We have a 2-bed flat and you can give the whole place a thorough vacuum and still have 80% power left in the battery. One slight problem we had: the aforementioned dearly beloved was so keen to get cracking with the vacuuming (this was also a first in our 11-year relationship), that he vacuumed my bedside rug on booster mode and left it with bald patches. It was a cheap rug, I hasten to add, and it proved to be no match for the mighty Dyson. It looks much cleaner, if a little sparse.