David Dimbleby Tattoo Adds Some Colour To Politics

David Dimbleby Tattoo

Perhaps one thing that Russell Brand’s interview with Jeremy Paxman did get across was that the modern world of politics is very one-dimensional. Everyone dresses the same and everyone makes and breaks similar promises.

Colourful, idiosyncratic figures seem to be from a bygone age. Never again will we see a cigar clamped between the teeth of the Prime Minister. In fact, politicians seem scared to admit to anything that might be controversial for fear of damaging their careers.

Whilst veteran Question Time presenter David Dimbleby isn’t a politician, he certainly is a part of the political world. It is therefore refreshing to hear that the pensioner has decided to get his first ever tattoo, at the age of 75.

At first, the choice of inking (a scorpion) on his right shoulder did seem a bit arbitrary, but it later became clear that Dimbleby’s star sign is Scorpio and it is therefore entirely appropriate.

Admitting that it was “a dream come true,” Dimbleby also said that it, “took about 30 minutes – an hour in all – and I thought of Winston Churchill having his done while mine was being done. It wasn’t painful at all, it just zings a bit.”

Churchill reportedly had a tattoo of an anchor, although Britain’s wartime Prime Minister was a rare breed. Indeed, it seems that of the few politicians with tattoos, very few will admit to something that they no doubt now regard as a ‘error of judgement.’

However, according to a poll conducted by The Guardian, 54% of the public said that they would not be less likely to vote for a politician if they had a tattoo.

Perhaps Dimbleby will start a new trend, and it will become the norm for political figures to show their passion for politics by getting inked. I can just picture the scene as Nick Clegg emerges from a tattoo parlour, looks at the squiggly green and blue tree on his wrist, and realises that he’s made a terrible mistake.