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When it comes to Bluetooth speakers the key features are portability, sonic performance and design. The Creative MUVO 2c is super light, a real dynamo when it comes to sound and looks pretty cool.

Despite this, it still retails at $49 and comes with a shed load of extra features. All this amounts to Creative’s offering being one of the best deals on the market right now.

Design & Build

The Muvo 2c comes in at 2.6 x 3.7 x 1.5 inches, which makes it a smidge larger than your palm and it only weighs 7 ounces so you can comfortably put in in your pocket and forget about it. It has a simple boxy design, but the painted aluminum grilles on the front are quite eye-catching. The rest of the box is made out of plastic that has a rubberized finish making it fairly easy to grip and hold. While the build quality is perfectly solid, this type of finish is renowned for being easy to scratch so you will have to be a bit careful.

The green version is a little garish and will probably appeal to teens, but the red, black and blue versions are more traditional and look pretty smart. muvo 2c connectionsIt is waterproof to an IP66 rating. This means it can survive fairly heavy splashing so will be fine, as the manufacturer points out, at the side of the pool.

The design is incredibly functional too. There are only 5 buttons on the top. Two for volume, one for power, one to choose the incoming music source (Bluetooth, wired etc) and one to switch on Bluetooth. If you want to change songs you just press the M button followed by the up/down volume controls. It’s a minimalist system but works quite intuitively.


Bluetooth is built in and connecting to it is a piece of cake. Just switch on Bluetooth on your phone and press the “M” button on top of the speaker until the LED beside it goes blue.

You can also use this button to get to MP3 player mode. With this, you can load up a microSD card and then use the speaker without using up any space on your phone (great for us still struggling with huge libraries and 16GB of memory). It also supports high-quality formats such as FLAC and WAV, WMA and MP3. muvo 2c coloursOtherwise, you can connect by USB or by plugging into the AUX-in jack.


Speakers of this size can often sound tinny, but the Muvo 2c has a passive radiator round the back which means it punches well above its weight in the bass department.

The mids were competent but can sound a little messy if there is a lot going on, and the highs are fairly clear.

Ultra-high fidelity it’s not, but a standout speaker in this range with a pleasantly surprising, well-rounded sound is a rarity at $49.

Those who love to tinker can connect via USB and adjust the levels to their own taste.

Other Features

It features a 650mAh Li-ion battery which translates to 6 hours battery life. This is our only real niggle with this speaker. 6 hours doesn’t quite give you a full day of listening and can be a pain if you plan to take it with you to a festival. However, there has to be a trade-off for the small size and lightweight. In any case, it charges through micro-USB, so if you have a portable power bank (our guide to the best available is here) you can keep the party going.

A nice additional feature is that you can buy two MUVO 2cs and pair them together to get a stereo sound and a much wider soundstage – and the manufacturer will knock $20 off the price of buying them individually.


Creative MUVO 2c
A good speaker at a fantastic price
Great sound
Budget price
Eye-catching design
Build quality
Perhaps the battery life could be slightly longer
Best Price