The Canon Pixma MG570 is a budget offering from a big brand. Its major strength is the quality of its printing, which is really hard to match at this price point. It’s not without its drawbacks – it can be slow, gulps down ink at an incredible rate and will be too bulky for many desks – but we still reckon it is a decent printer for the money. It is no slouch on the feature front, packing in WiFi connectivity, doubled sided printing and scan/copy functionality, all of which makes it a handy home office tool to have around. The price is excellent and if you need a regular use printer that doesn’t cost the earth then this is a good pick.


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90s fashion might be all the rage right now, but we’re not sure we want that to spill over into our printers. It has a squat design with a paper tray that sticks out, reminiscent of the type you used to spend long evenings trying to get to communicate with Microsoft Publisher (side note: we actually googled Publisher and it is somehow still going!). The plastic is not quite as cheap as those early days, but the screeching noise it made while printing during our review certainly took us back.

Similarly, there are no mod cons where the controls are concerned. Rather than a touch screen panel there is instead a slightly cheap feeling 4-way control pad and some buttons under a small LED screen. This is housed on the front of the printer and is 6.2cm, which sounds small but is actually more than adequate for toggling the printer’s functions and getting a decent preview of what you’re about to print. Navigating the different options via this screen is not immediately intuitive, but you can soon get used to it (which by the normal, frustratingly complex standards of home printers is not too bad a result).

There is also a paper drawer that needs to be pulled out when the machine is in action, which is a bit flimsy and a bit of an annoyance if you’re using this printer in a small home office.

So it’s not winning any design awards, but what is lacks in looks it makes up in picture performance.


The Pixma MG5750 is a good all-round performer, but its sweet spot is color prints. Colored graphs and bar charts spring off the page and even detailed color art was handled with aplomb in our tests. Getting out the looking glass, we found an impressive sharpness to black text that many other mid-range printers would struggle to compete with.

It can take its sweet time, though. Pages with colored charts took just under 20 seconds to print, while black and white text was closer to the 6-second mark.

Printing costs vary massively depending on how much you are planning to use the machine. There are five individual ink cartridges, a set up that is generally more efficient than using a mixed color cartridge. This means that, if printing regularly, each mixed color page will only cost about 6p (so long as you use Canon’s XL cartridges that cost about 20 quid each).

However, if you leave it switched off for a few weeks then ink efficiency really dwindles to about 18p a sheet. This is because on start up Canon cartridges try to clean themselves and this can waste a lot of ink. Even if this is not a huge expense for those only looking to use it now and again, it does mean you’ll have to go to the hassle of ordering fresh cartridges and you could find yourself cursing Canon when you leave that important presentation to the 11th hour.

You can also save on paper with automatic 2 sided printing.

We have seen 2 user reviews saying that there is sometimes difficulty with the feed and that the printer cannot “locate the paper”. though we did not have such difficulties in our test, this is something to be aware of.


Accuracy of scanning is another plus for this model and Canon’s expertise shines through here as this scanner punches well above its price range. If you’re looking to scan at around 600dpi (which is middle of the road in terms of quality), it will take you about a minute to complete an A4 color photo scan. You can also boost the dpi if you have a bit more time on your hands and want a more faithful rendering.

Bells & Whistles

This is a wireless printer, so you can connect to services like AirPrint to print straight from your mobile. The Canon PRINT app is available for both iOS and Android if you want to work directly from your mobile. You can also hook up to services such as Evernote and Dropbox pretty easily. Additionally, Wireless PictBridge (a technology that all major camera manufacturers now support) is included so you can run off copies of your photos directly from your camera.

Other Points

Changing ink cartridges is a bit of a fiddly process. It does double sided printing. When starting up you might want to make yourself a cup of tea because it takes a few minutes to be ready.

Canon Pixma MG5750
Fantastic price
Strong picture quality
Trusted brand
Lots of functionality
Tends to waste ink if you leave it idle too long
A bit bulky
Not the fastest