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9 /10

Good Housekeeping loved the Bush Upright Steam Mop SM-518 and felt it offered good value for money. Highlights included how easy it was to set up, its manoeuvrability, its lightweight design and its short time to heat up (roughly 20 seconds). The mop, combined with its various attachments, made cleaning even difficult stains effortless. However, the water tank is quite small and it did leave streaks when cleaning windows.

What users say

04 Feb 2021

10 /10

So quick to assemble
The product is so easy and quick to assemble. Within minutes I could use the mop for the kitchen and bathroom. I managed to mop the floor in the kitchen and bathroom, use the window squeegee for the shower and clean the bath and sinks in one go. Super efficient. Very happy and I've already recommended

04 Dec 2020

10 /10

Fantastic little steam mop
Very easy to use, really cleans floors well with steam, I have a large tiled area downstairs with this mop it’s faster to get the work done, works well on wooden floors also, well worth the money

03 Dec 2020

10 /10

Steam Mop
Just replaced my Vax steam mop with the Bush one, this was half the price, works just as well. No negatives yet.

30 Sep 2020

2 /10

Barely works if not perfectly vertical
When I started testing this, it seemed fine. For about 10 minutes... I then realised that it can only maintain pressure (and therefore produce steam) when vertical. When attempting windows, or anything other than an upright position, the device immediately begins to fail and stop working. There is a mechanism inside (a tube with a weighted end, ensuring it's always able to be in the water within no matter whether it's the right way up or even upside down) however it doesn't work regardless.

28 Jun 2020

10 /10

Excellent floor steamer
Great floor steamer - moves quickly and easily around due to the triangular shaped head and leaves the floor dry - I checked our Which before buying and this was recommended so am very pleased - includes 2 microfibre cloths so no need to buy extra.

14 Apr 2020

10 /10

item was easy to set up excellent to use recommend
the floor steamer is all purpose works brilliantly on any surface i would highly recommend this product easy to assemble and to lock away after use water boils very fast and steam is basically instant. Love the bush upright steam mop cheap but acts like 200 pound steamer perfect for all home buy it as this product will go fast 10/10

08 Apr 2020

10 /10

This steam cleaner is a good buy
It's easy to use on floors and walls, you can direct the steam anywhere. Lightweight, straightforward instructions. Using it on everything as it's recommended to sanitise things in your home.

03 Mar 2020

8 /10

Surprisingly good
This steamer is CHEAP! Don't let that put you off. It does a comparable job to more expensive models. The water tank in particular detaches from the body making refilling easy.No fiddly measuring jugs to mess about with.

14 Feb 2020

10 /10

Brilliant low cost steam mop
From opening the box to being up and running took less than a couple of minutes, very easy to assembly, everything clicks into place. Heats up super quick and the water tank is large enough for a couple of good-sized rooms. All the accessories you need are also included.

05 Feb 2020

10 /10

Great little steamer. works well on carpets
Great little steamer. Nice and light, no to wet after use either