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10 /10

Easy Lawnmowing thought the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 was a good choice for owners of small to medium gardens. Despite its solid build quality, its small, lightweight design meant it could easily glide around the garden. It excelled at cutting corners and edges. The roller on the back (handy for giving your garden a striped look) was a nice touch. The blade and the grass box are not the biggest, but this helps the manoeuvrability of the mower. There are some cons. There was no grass level indicator and there is only a choice of 3 grass cutting lengths. Overall though, the Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 offers good value for money.

8 /10

Lawn Mower Guru liked this lightweight motor and were surprised by the powerful motor and cutting ability. There are some downsides including its plastic build, small grass box and the fact that only the top bit of the handle folds down which can be annoying for storage reasons. However, if you own a small garden, have price in mind and want something that just does the job then the Roak 32R is a good choice.

9 /10

Garden Power Tools joined the chorus of reviewers who praised the Roak 32R. They too loved the lightweight design and the powerful 1200W motor and 32cm blades that cut with precision. Even the 31-litre grass box was felt to be adequate as it was so lightweight it didn't take much time to empty. The onyl real con was the fact it took a bit of a while to initially assemble the mower.

What users say

21 Oct 2020

10 /10

Pros: It is so light and easy to move around.
Cons: None

29 Aug 2020

10 /10

Pros: LightRobustEasy touse
Cons: Reviewer left no comment

17 Aug 2020

8 /10

Pros: Reviewer left no comment
Cons: altering the height of the wheels is quite difficult, you have to go under the machine and lift a bar, a lever to the side would be far more practical

13 Aug 2020

10 /10

Pros: Light and easy to use but good quality with Bosch as you expect
Cons: none

08 Aug 2020

8 /10

Pros: It is very light and easy to use.
Cons: Perhaps a longer cable would be good.

10 /10

Lawnmower - 10/10. Instructions - 6/10!
As ever, ordering and delivery were a breeze. That's why we use John Lewis, plus on this item they were the cheapest by far! The mower is brilliant, so much easier than our old Qualcast and very user friendly. Absolutely thrilled with it. Only negative to report was putting it together!! Once I found the instructions (hidden away at the back of the general info booklet) it seemed Bosch had decided to just print a load of line drawings and let the user have wild guesses as to what went where and how!! It took around 45 minutes to assemble, on the plus side it was warm and sunny. Definitely a good buy though and 100% recommended for smaller gardens.

8 /10

Nice little mower ideal for medium garden
Easy to assemble. Nice little mower ideal for meduim size garden and good quality. I had one from Flymo and Bosch is better. It cuts good and is light weight.

6 /10

Not easy to assemble with only one pair of hands!
Awkward to assemble grass box on your own as I'd click in one side, start on the second side and first side would disengage, and rewind and start again for third side which was even more difficult. And don't get me started on handle assemble - trying to hold mid-air the handle and screw one side whilst weight of other side of handle is fighting against you is very frustrating! After assembly I was too knackered to mow the lawn!!

4 /10

Lighter but not so flexible
I purchased the mower as a replacement for my old Rotak 34. I have always liked the rotak due to its ability to cut right up to the lawn edge and the simplicity of changing cut height but needed to change due to difficulty in my movements on a sloping section of my lawn due to arthritis and the weight of the mower. The 32 is much lighter and maneuverable but the system to change cutting height is very awkward and basically impracticable. It necessitates almost brute force to move the wheels backwards and forwards on an inflexible ratchet and is best described as agricultural. As a result I will need to look for something more user friendly next spring. I regret not having done more research prior to purchase as it appears other probably later 32s offer a press button height control mechanism.

10 /10

Very efficient
Lightweight, powerful and compact. Cuts really well. and can be folded down for storage. To change the cutting height, simply place the 2 front wheels on your knees and pull the spring'ed bar underneath forwards or backwards. Simples!

2 /10

Lawnmower made of cheep plastic
The grass collecting box is made of very thin plastic not even acceptable for a toy lawnmower. The lawnmower is very light : when the grass box is half full with grass, the front of the lawnmower lifts up and no grass is cut. The two tubes on the sides are open ended and susceptible to water/moisture penetration.

8 /10

Good start
All anecdotal of course, but 'Tried it once, so far - seems OK, adjustable - girl in the store told me that she had bought one early last yr and it was fine'. I took my old Flymo to the tip and there were at least 4 others in the same skip!! - that may or may not have a message.

10 /10

Bosch Rotak 32-12 Electric Lawnmower 32cm.
An excellent buy. Easy to assemble. Light to handle and cuts the grass to perfection leaving a neat well cut lawn. Grass basket is a good size allowing you to cut a large area of grass before it needs to be emptied. A neat sized lawnmower, which does not take up much storage space.