Bosch IXO Cordless Screwdriver Review
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What the experts say

8 /10

While it's not as powerful as a drill or impact driver and felt a little underpowered, Tools Review thought the IXO represented great value for a handy little tool. The 10 piece accessory kit is a nice addition and the USB charging lead is useful - though it does still take 3 hours to fully charge. It would also be nice to have variable speed screwing but the default setting is fine.

What users say

17 Feb 2021

8 /10

Compact and easy to use
Neat little screwdriver which is great for small jobs around the home. It's worth noting that 9 out of the 10 bits are for Philips head screws, a few more slotted head bits would have been useful (hence not full 5 stars) however, I believe extra bits can be purchased separately for this model if required.

28 Jan 2021

10 /10

This electric screwdriver is brilliant
This is brilliant for doing small jobs inside and outside and doesn’t take that long to charge battery. I would recommend this electric screwdriver to anyone

27 Jan 2021

10 /10

Compact, powerful, easy to use!
This is an excellent, handy tool, quick to charge, strong, not too heavy or bulky and just right for a bit of DIY!

04 Dec 2019

10 /10

Great Product
This compact screwdriver is ideal for tasks around the home. It comes with a set of bits, is easy to use and great value. To be fair it's probably not for heavy-duty use but then you wouldn't expect it to be at this price.

28 Nov 2019

10 /10

This is a fab small Bosch screwdriver with enough power to do small jobs around the house. I used it for the first time yesterday building a radiator cover and it was perfect for the job. Very happy with my purchase and the service from Argos was as always, superb. I always try to buy from Argos as you never have any problems changing a faulty item! 10/10!

25 Sep 2019

10 /10

Very easy to use
Worked very well. I am a lady pensioner and it was great and I have arthritis . Can’t use a manual screwdriver

24 Jul 2019

10 /10

So easy to use, makes DIY fun.
Absolutely thrilled, at first I thought this little machine can't possibly do much but, once I started using it to assemble a set of draws, it just kept going like a bomb "dynamite in small packages". Just everything about it is well thought out and designed. As a single women, I feel quite empowered.

10 Jul 2018

2 /10

Invest in a hammer drill with screwdriver attachme
Have to say if you just want to unscrew or screw something light eg wardrobe handle etc this is the one for you ... for anything like putting a curtain pole up and screwing through wood it’s not powerful enough , just goes in a bit then causes the screw to loose it thread Best to invest in a hammer drill with screwdriver attachment As this is not worth the price when you can buy a drill for this price just glad I got it on offer

11 Nov 2015

10 /10

Great Screwdriver
Great little screwdriver quick and lots of torque. Best feature is that it charges from a mini USB port

01 Sep 2015

10 /10

A must have for DIY !
Built 3 double wardrobes, 2 chest of drawers and hung 6 doors all on charge straight out of the tin ! Absolutely great product!