Bosch AXT Rapid 2200 Review
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What the experts say

8 /10

Grass Trimmer Reviews found the AXT Rapid 2200 to be a very reliable garden shredder, not prone to blockages and able to cut through tough material thanks to its 2200 watt motor. It was found to be well designed and built although one concern was that you may need an extension cord for use in medium or large gardens as it only comes with a 4-metre cable.

What users say

27 Mar 2021

9 /10

Pros: Very light to move around. The pieces are nice and small. I used a flexible plastic trig to catch the leaves etc and that works well.
Cons: You have to push the waste into the shredder with the tool provided. This can take a little bit of effort. It doesn’t feed the twigs etc, you have to help it along.

26 Mar 2021

8 /10

Pros: Easy to use, easy to move around. Produces a well cut up pile of greenery and twigs.
Cons: Makes more of a mess than the old version, so definitely needs the collector bag to gather the shreded output, because it doesn't fall easily into a collection box.

10 Jan 2021

9 /10

Pros: Does what it says on the tin, shreds garden waste efficiently.Easy to open up the cutting compartment (with the shredder off, obviously) to clear any jams - which I couldn't do with my previous shredder.
Cons: Doesn't come with a purpose built hopper to collect the shredded waste in, you have to make do with a spare box or bag.

07 Dec 2020

10 /10

Pros: As soon as I had put it together out of the box the shredder consumed everything I threw at it.
Cons: None that I can think of.

30 Nov 2020

9 /10

Pros: weight is just reasonableease of use
Cons: stronger advice about avoiding soil adhering to weed roots neededcable storage point neededI don't look forward to dealing with the blade; replacing the screws looks problematical in videos

02 Sep 2019

4 /10

Underpowered masher
We have had one of these for four years and used it intermittently. We'd hoped to shred cuttings from hedges and shrubs and add to compost. It worked OK for the first season although it is underpowered and mashes rather than shreds (unlike a proper shredder we'd owned previously). Since then it's been next to useless, constantly clogs and bruises rather than cuts up twigs etc. We are now looking for one that actually works.

22 Mar 2018

10 /10

Quality product
Bought this because you can get replacement blades. Quite sturdy but not heavy, with room for a large bucket underneath to collect shreddings.

25 Aug 2017

8 /10

My first shredder
So far this has turned out to be very useful indeed. It has coped with quite thick cut back privet ( hard stems between .5-1cm across). You have to keep an eye on the out feed as this can easily start to get blocked if the chopped pile starts to get too high and then long strips of branches can't fully drop out. It is quite noisy but not as noisy as my petrol mower. I have used it three times now and it has coped well. I expect to have to replace the blades quite frequently.

20 Oct 2016

10 /10

Does the job.
Easily chews up branches & leaves. After a while, as the blade loses it's edge, the shredding is more of a slicing but still good enough to be used as mulching on a pathway. Quick & easy to clear the inevitable jams. Very quiet & light to manouver. One minus point is no collection bag supplied.

11 Jul 2013

8 /10

Good value
Great product for a small garden. easy to assemble and manoeuvre