Whether you want to save the planet, save yourself some pennies each time you order a coffee or save your fingers from burning on flimsy paper cups, a keep cup is the latest thing to sport on your commute.

There are a few choices you have to make but it mainly boils down to material – plastic, silicone, glass or bamboo – size and, of course, design (because a keep cup is now as much a fashion item as it is a functional one).

rCUP – Best made from recycled materials

rcup best reusable coffee cup

If just stopping using disposable cups doesn’t do enough to salve your conscience why not try a reusable cup made from recycled disposable cups? As well as being recycled, the cup is BPA-free and dishwasher safe.

It’s not just what it’s made from that gets the rCUP on our list. The clever pop-up lid means you can drink from any angle, making it easy to open and drink from with one hand.

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KeepCup – Best no-nonsense reusable cup

KeepCup reusable coffee cup

One of the biggest brands in reusable coffee cups, KeepCup have a wide range of cups in a variety of colours ranging from subtle to… well pretty garish, but there will definitely be something to suit your tastes. Made from BPA and BPS free plastic with a soft touch sleeve and sturdy lid, this is a good standard reusable cup, even if it is light on gimmicks.

Available in 3 sizes (8, 12 and 16oz), there are also clear plastic and glass versions if you want to see how much liquid is left in your cup as you drink.

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Stojo Pocket Cup – Best for packing up small

Stojo collapsible coffee cup

This collapsible cup squashes up small without compromising on the structure of the cup. It’s obviously not as sturdy as an unfoldable cup, but the sleeve (like a cardboard one on a disposable cup) does a very good of giving it stability. Made from silicone it is not only BPA free and microwave safe, but also can be recycled at the end of its long life.

Available in a wide range of colours and 3 different sizes, you can choose to sip your hot drink from anything from a pink 8oz (277ml) mug, a 12oz (340ml) Sage option or a 16oz (454ml) “Dove” coloured cup.

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JOCO – Best glass coffee cup

JOCO reusable coffee cup

Made from hardened borosilicate glass, this is not only a completely plastic-free alternative but a stylish one too. The silicone lid and sleeve provide a splash of colour and make the cup comfortable to hold when hot.

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Cambridge Bamboo Reusable Coffee Cup – Best cheap reusable coffee cup

Cambridge Flamingo coffee cup

This bamboo cup is as friendly to your wallet as it is to the environment, costing less than a coffee itself (well, in central London at least). Cheap also means cheerful with these cups as they come in a range of fantastic designs to brighten up any morning.

A silicone sleeve and lid make them easy to carry without spilling or burning your fingers, but the real star of the show here is really the very reasonable price.

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