Sometimes less is more – and where wallets are concerned this is definitely the case.

Too often, people find themselves trying to keep track of their money, cards, and other important items in a messy wallet. With more pockets and more space comes more possibilities to lose things.

With this in mind, we take a look at some of the best minimalist wallet options available in 2019.

Best Minimalist Wallet Candidates: Which Ones Made Our List?

The era of the big, bulky wallet may be over – or at least it’s got some solid (and space-efficient) competition. Here are some of the best minimalist wallets on the market today.

1.    Buffway Front Pocket RFID

Buffway wallet

This wallet is slim and discreet – measuring in at just 3 1/8” x 4 7/16” x 1/8”. It’s light, easy to carry along wherever you go and gives you only what you need.

There’s a slim slot at the top you can use to hold your driver’s license or other important identification. There’s a visible window for quick presentation of cards like this, plus a side pocket for even more cards. Included in the design is a handy finger hole the user can rely on to help them retrieve the card they want.

Even though it is slim, this wallet can hold all your cards and make it easy to grab the one you need. As the name suggests, it is also built to defend cards from RFID signals. This Buffway wallet also comes with a 12-month warranty. While the leather may not be as pristine as some found in competitors’ wallets, this model is still worth checking out.

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2.    Travelambo Front Pocket (Medium)

travelambo wallet

This medium-sized wallet may be bigger than some of the minimalist offerings you’ll find out there. However, it is still compact enough to fit comfortably in a wallet, purse, or the pocket of your messenger bag.

Available in over two dozen color and style variations, this model comes with a 24-month warranty. No worries about taking a risk – this is an investment that will remain protected for years after you buy it. It’s less than an eighth of an inch thick, and barely over 4-inches long. It’s made from genuine leather that is both soft and durable.

The wallet has been tested under a 13.56 MHz frequency, protecting your cards against RFID signals. It’s sleek, it’s safe, and most importantly, it’s small.

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3.    Serman Brands Bifold Minimalist Wallet

Serman brands wallet

This wallet shows that even among minimalist models, there’s some variation. This is a bifold wallet, which manages to maintain it’s slim status even when unfolding to offer its owner more storage space than they may expect.

Made from full-grain leather and equipped with RFID-blocking technology, the wallet is both stylish and safe. And while some people may not be a fan of the bifold style, those who are will see this is a perfect midpoint between the traditional billfold and a minimalist model.

At only 4 x 3 x .4 inches, this wallet is still compact even though it folds. And when you unfold it, there’s a nice transparent holder for your ID, and room to put everything from debit cards to cash.

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4.    FIDELO Carbon Fibre Minimalist Wallet

It’s true that not everyone likes carbon fibre material – some people simply prefer the alternatives. But for those who like this material and want a minimalist wallet, FIDELO has created something special. The unique aesthetic design makes it look more like a miniature phone case than anything, though it does its job well enough.

The wallet has the ability to hold multiple cards inside it, and a nice clip to hold folded bills in place on top. Think about those who hold off buying a minimalist wallet because they imagine themselves having to pry and poke around to try and retrieve what they need. However, this wallet makes it possible to get what you need and keep it right on top.

This model also dispels the myth that smaller products are flimsier. It’s stronger than most metals, resistant to scratches, and holds your important cards and bills in place firmly.

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5.    ROCO Aluminum Money Clip Wallet

roco minimalist wallet

When we’re talking about the candidates for best minimalist wallet, we have to mention the money clip models. Similar to the entry above, this one is built with the standard minimalist design that holds cards in place.

There’s also a clip around the top that can be used to hold things in place for easy retrieval. Marching into a store and know what bill you’ll be using to pay? Need to keep your coffee money within reach as you go to place your order? These are the times when the clip can come in very handy.

Made from aluminum material for the wallet and silicone for the band, this wallet is flexible but stable. You won’t be feeling like you’re carrying a piece of metal in your pocket, but you also won’t have to worry about your cards being in danger. This is another model with RFID blocking for added protection.

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Which Is the Best Minimalist Wallet for You?

Any minimalist wallet on the list is worth considering. While none of them are perfect, and a lot of the decision-making process relies on subjectivity, these models have enjoyed some good sales numbers and come from good brands. 

If you’re someone who wants a smaller wallet, you aren’t alone – this style of wallet is making a big comeback, especially in an era where compact devices are more appealing. You don’t need a bulky mound of leather to keep track of your money and cards – and sometimes you’re better off without it.