We’ve pulled together a list of some of the coolest iPhone accessories available this Christmas. So if you have an Apple fanboy or fangirl in your life, choosing a present this year is going to be super easy.

Zeiss VR One Plus

zeiss vr one plus Zeiss is a big name in the camera world, and the company has brought their heritage in optical lenses to the VR market. The headset has a very solid build, and while it may not be at the level of HTC Vive and other plus £500 models, it still delivers an experience that will knock your socks off. It’s available at Selfridges for £123.


If you have used Facebook recently then you can’t have failed to notice an increasing number of 360° videos.  However, making them on the fly can be hard. This is where the Insta360 steps in. It connects to your iPhone through the lightning port and quickly allows you to quickly take videos in 3D. It’s now £200 on Amazon

Leef iBridge

leef iBridge 3Many of us end up regretting choosing a 32GB iPhone model (or even a 16GB for those still using the iPhone 5), as our photo libraries and music collections hit the upper limit of the device’s storage. The Leef iBridge clips onto your iPhone and gets rid of this problem in an instant. We think it looks pretty neat too. This may be a more practical present, but one you will definitely be thanked for. The 16GB version is £41.74 at Amazon.

Sphero BB-8sphero bb8

Sphero is basically a Bluetooth controlled ball that can hook up to your iPhone. However, for the next few years December means Star Wars as much as it does Christmas, so this new toy is bound to be centre of attention on the morning of the 25th. It is £99 from Currys.

Dog & Bone Wireless Charging Case

dog & bone chargerWireless charging is a major cause of Android envy for the Apple crowd. However, Dog & Bone produce an iPhone cover containing a battery that can be wirlessly charged. It also happens to be shockproof. You can pick it up on Amazon.


trackrAnother practical but incredibly handy gift. trackR can be attached to any personal item. Once done, you can locate it in second with a companion app and ring the item if it’s close. You can also avoid losing your phone by getting a notification as soon as you become separated from it. They are available for £30 at Selfridges, though the cost per item goes down if you buy a pack.

BeastGrip Pro

beastgrip proGot a budding photographer in the family? If so, they will love BeastGrip. It’s basically an adjustable cage for smartphones and is compatible with a number of lenses that can turn your iPhone photos into things of beauty.  You can pick it up from CVP.

Joby GripTight GorillaPod

joby gorillapodFor those really serious about their photography there is also the the GripTight GorillaPod, an incredibly flexible product that can serve as a traditional tripod one minute and then be wrap around a tree to find the perfect shooting angle the next.  You can buy it in the UK from Currys for £30.

Polaroid Zip

polaroid zipThere’s still a retro charm to the Polaroid camera, and now you can recapture some of that with the Zip. It allows you to print pictures direct from your iPhone which you can then peel and stick wherever you want. It is £99 from Argos.

Quad Lock Armband

quadlock armbandUsing your iPhone can be pretty tricky while running. However, the Quad Lock case and armband securely fit together and ensure that your device never leaves your arm. You can also buy a separate kit to attach it to your bike. It is available on Amazon.

Lifeproof frē iPhone case

lifeproof freThe Lifeproof frē gives your phone the ultimate protection, making it waterproof, snow proof and even allowing you to drop it from 2 metres. The days of trips to the Apple store to repair a cracked iPhone could be over. John Lewis stocks this case for £70.


loksakIf you want to go swimming with your phone, but don’t want to shell out for the Lifeproof case, then LOKSAK makes a good budget stocking filler alternative. These pouches are waterproof to 60 metres and allow you to jump in the pool and start taking pictures with your iPhone. They are less than a tenner at Nightgear.

SteelSeries Stratus

steelseries stratusThe small Stratus controller can connect to your iOS device via Bluetooth and gives you a much more responsive gaming experience. It’s probably a better gift for those that have larger screen models or a tablet. It is listed at £37.99 on Zavvi’s website.

Buckshot 2.0 Bike Speaker

buckshot 2.0These tiny Bluetooth speakers deliver a great sound and with their innovative strap they can easily attach to your bike, your backpack or almost anything – a perfect companion for the get fit drive that inevitably starts after the festive period.  You can purchase them for £33 on Amazon.