A good coffee table book not only can give you something to idly flip through when the moment takes you, but can also lend a touch of sophistication to your living room and give you the chance to showcase your creative tastes.

Whether they cover fashion, design, art, architecture or even floristry all these books provide a visual treat and offer a conversation point for guests.

Information is Beautiful

Living in the era of big data doesn’t mean we need to abandon aesthetics and this collection of fine infographics and charts shows just how beautiful representations of information can be. Thought provoking from both a design and factual perspective, this is a wonderful book that says I am an enlightened student of design.

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Supersonic: Design and Lifestyle of Concorde

A celebration of the technological marvel of the 1960s that, almost entirely by accident, became a design icon. This wonderful collection of imagery focuses on the look and feel of the jet – from its utilitarian beginnings to the height of luxury – and the author’s passion for his subject clearly shines through.

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The Central Park: Original Designs for New York’s Greatest Treasure

This collection of maps, drawings and documents charts the creation of one of the most iconic parks in the world. Including architectural drawings of both buildings that were built and ideas that were never realised, it is a fascinating insight into this ambitious project.

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Blooms: Contemporary Floral Design

A jaw dropping display of some of the best contemporary floral design, Blooms features over 70 different designers and elevates floristry as high art form. The design is clean, the photography is excellent and the flower arrangements are unparalleled.

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The NASA Archives: 60 years in space

This mini library of material comes with a hefty price tag but delivers more science chic to your coffee table than a hologram of Einstein reading the periodic table out loud. More than 400 photographs from NASAs past are used to highlight the work it has achieved since 1958. It is a truly marvellous piece of work.

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Out of the box: The rise of sneaker culture

While at first we were concerned this would send out too many Lost Boy, can’t grow up kind of vibes, we were won over by the truly excellent curation including prototype drawings of sneakers that were never actually made. A comprehensive volume that says “I like fashion, but I’m not taking myself too seriously”.

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