1.    Mpow 059 Over-Ear

Mpow 059 Over-Ear

This stylish-looking headset offers the rounded, full-ear coverage with a sleek, color-lined adjustable band. It looks the part, and it has a convenient design that allows for portability and easy transport.

Pros: As mentioned, the design leans toward portability. This is a foldable pair, so even if you can’t bring them around as easily as you could a pair of earbuds, they’re more portable than some over-ear models. They’re also built with cushioning around the ear covers, for maximum comfort.

Cons: The main con for this model is they are built with passive noise-isolation technology, rather than active (ANC). While the maker of the product does describe the sound quality as “immersive,” it won’t cancel noise as well as some models you may get for a similar price.

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2.    Mpow Flame IPX7

Mpow Flame IPX7

If you like Mpow but can’t get into the idea of earphones, you’ll be happy to know they also make Bluetooth earbuds. And while they look the part, they’re also designed intelligently to their target market.

Pros: That target market is usually people participating in sports. These are water resistant, and Nano-coated to protect against both sweat and rain. They also have foam tips on the parts that touch the ear canal, making it easy to stay comfortable while you listen.

Cons: These earbuds are promoted with a rich, bass-boosted sound. But for many people, earbuds are the alternative to bass-boosted over-ear models. For those who prefer a more even dynamic range in their earbuds, this pair could be a little too much on the low end.

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3.    SoundPEATS 4.1 Magnet Earphones

SoundPEATS 4.1 Magnet Earphones

This is another pair that while promoted as earphones, fall into the bud category. It offers the standard features – solid sound quality, a mic, and 8-hours working time, but where does it shine?

Pros: This pair has a nice bass-filled sound thanks to the CSR8645 chipset and aptx code. In addition to their above-average sound quality when put up against some competitors, they’re also sweat resistant.

Cons: While not uncommon for earbud-style phones, this pair has a cord connecting them. It’s a little lengthy, which could be good for some people, but may also get in the way and feel awkward after long periods of use.

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4.    iJoy Premium Over-Ear Headphones

iJoy Premium Over-Ear Headphones

Another company that has become a leader in the field of Bluetooth headphones is iJoy. The model we’re spotlighting here is one that masters all the basics – it has a sleek-looking over-ear design, good sound quality, and a foldable design.

Pros: As mentioned, this is another over-ear model that can be folded for space-efficient storage. There’s also a nice control pad on the exterior of the left side, letting users change the song they’re listening to, or the volume.

Cons: While common among many headphones in this range, the battery life (which is advertised at 8-hours in some ads) is suspect. Manufacturers often neglect to mention the type of application that provides audio for wireless headphones to process can also impact battery life.

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5.    LETSCOM 4.1 HiFi Bass Stereo Earbuds

LETSCOM 4.1 HiFi Bass Stereo Earbuds

Another earbud model, this time with a shorter cable, LETSCOM’s IPX7 set comes in multiple color options.

Pros: This model offers high-quality sound with CVC noise cancellation and high bass. It’s also waterproof and uses nano-coating to protect important materials from rain and sweat.

Cons: If there’s one major con about this pair, it’s that one of their features just falls a little short. Like the model above, this pair has controls on the earphones themselves. But because the buds are so small, those with larger fingers may have trouble utilizing this otherwise handy feature.

6.    TaoTronics Over-Ear Headphones

TaoTronics Over-Ear Headphones

This model from TaoTronics clocks in at just under $50. And it also has just about every featured packed in that users could want – including CVC noise cancellation, padded swivel earcups, and even a built-in airplane adapter.

Pros: Besides the perks mentioned above, this model boasts a staggering 30-hour playtime per charge. As mentioned, usage will impact this time, but it’s double, even triple the times of other models on this list.

Cons: The only real downside to these headphones, at least in comparison to the others on this list, is their price. You could potentially buy two or three sets of earbuds for the money it would take to buy one of these, depending on which models you choose.

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Final Verdict: What’s Are the Best Bluetooth Headphones Under $50?

When it comes to buying Bluetooth headphones in the low price-range, subjectivity still comes into play. Even in this category, your preferences matter, and you can still save a little money by skipping out on certain features.

If you want to throw in the full $50, you can do a little better. And whether you prefer over-ear, buds, and any specific brand, you have plenty of options to choose from.