Beats Studio 3 Wireless Review

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What the experts say

the verge logo

7 /10

The Verge liked the bass on the Beast Studio 3s but the overall sound lacked subtlety and sometimes voices got drowned out. They did feel comfy on the ear and connected well with iOS devices. Competitors feel more premium in terms of sound and build. Charging via micro USB feels dated.

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8 /10

CNET thinks that the Studio 3s are a definite improvement on their predecessors. Sound quality, noise cancellation and battery life have all been improved while the design has stayed robust. It also does well when making calls. They are a bit big though and don't fold down. Overall they stand up to the competition.

7 /10 agrees these headphones are an improvement on previous Beats models and remain comfortable and sturdy. However, their performance is variable, especially the noise cancellation and bass.

What users say

24 Feb 2020

10 /10

Excellent sound & comfortable.. noise cancelling brilliant.. can’t hear a word she says!

20 Nov 2019

10 /10

These are actually a second paid of Beats as the first pair were used until they no longer worked (about 8 years)! Amazing quality & sound!

23 Oct 2019

10 /10

Would definitely recommend to every one

30 Jul 2019

10 /10

Brilliant headphones,sound,noise reduction and look are excellent! Easy to work the controls!

13 Apr 2019

10 /10

Had the on ear phone and thought they were great but these are on another level completely Great sound separation and tonal qualities super bass reproduction and sound cancelling. Does more than it says in the tin - definitely not disappointed well worth the money

05 Sep 2018

6 /10

This is not what I expected or wanted to write about these headphones. So so so so dissatisfied. Haven’t had them long and I’m actually debating whether or not they are just poorer quality compared to the old original studios or if the have a problem. I’ve only used them twice. Both times via Bluetooth. Great quality but jury’s out on sound quality for me.

20 Jun 2018

10 /10

These wireless beat studio 3 deliver a great sound, they are comfortable to wear and the battery lasts a long time. After listening to them wish I hadn't given them away as a gift. ;-p

31 Jan 2018

10 /10

Only headphones I’ll buy right now and with the stylish white and gold I can’t say no :-)

24 Jan 2018

10 /10

These are brilliant headphones to say the least. I’d say the price point wasn’t the best for what they are, but that’s not Argos’ fault, similar/same price on Apple’s website. The battery power is one of the best around, lasts a day and a bit with constant use and sounds great. If your friends are on them and you want to seize control of them, simply connect to them and your device would take priority. I’d definitely recommend them to friends and family. I chose Argos due to the Argos Card.