Top 10 Accounts

Here is November’s round up of the top ten accounts in the UK:

Best Current Account
Chase Bank
1% cashback on most purchases.

Chase has brought to the UK the kind of rewarding banking you normally only see in the states. We're hoping it starts a revolution on this side of the Atlantic. The digital experience is also first class and there is 24/7 customer support.

Remember to check out the Chase website for all the terms and conditions.

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Best Switching Offer
£200 plus 5% interest for switching.

Currently if you switch to Nationwide they will give you £200, plus an interest free overdraft (credit check required). You can also get 5% interest on balances up to £1,500 for 12 months.

You need to set up 2 Direct Debits within 60 days. Check full conditions on the Nationwide site.

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Starling Bank
A great challenger bank.

With a score of 71% it's clear to see why many people love Starling.

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The original challenger.

It started a wave of neo-banks in the UK and Monzo remains a top pick due to its plethora of features and desire to constantly innovate.

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First Direct
£175 for switching.

A fantastic offer from First Direct. They have a grade score of 76 - ranking them as the second best UK bank.

Read the full conditions on First Direct's website.

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Features galore.

If you're a traveller or just like having a tonne of nifty features then Revolut is worth checking out.

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Triodos Bank
Banking with a conscience.

Ethical banking that will let you sleep at night - and a score of 65% isn't too shabby either.

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Great for internationals.

Fantastic for internationals who want a smooth way to open an account, value no/low-fee international spending and want a great digital experience.

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Great for travellers.

It’s hard to go too wrong when using this for international transfers, spending abroad or getting paid when in another country.

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Lloyds Bank
£150 for switching.

You will need to switch a non-Lloyds account to a Club Lloyds account by the 14th November.

Club Lloyds accounts come with conditions which you can see on their website.

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