This desk stand not only allows you to easily view paper documents as you type, but also seamlessly slides down to allow you to write on the surface, then slides back up so you can get back to using your keyboard.

While this may be a bit of a niche need, if you do work with a lot of documents this stand will not only make this easier but by keeping everything in a straight line will help prevent the strain on neck or back muscles, caused by turning to read or write on a document.

Bakker Elkhuizen Flexdesk 640The desk stand itself is well made and the slide mechanism is smooth. When you assemble it you can choose the angle of the writing slope. It is also possible to adjust this angle later but we found it quite fiddly and felt almost as much trouble as halfway taking it apart and putting it back together. It’s the right size to fit an A3 piece of paper landscape (or two sheets of A4 portrait).

Despite being predominantly made from plastic the stand does feel very robust and there would be no fear of it collapsing and putting any of your hardware at risk. Plastic also keeps it relatively lightweight, so won’t put added strain on a desk – particularly useful if you are using a converting standing desk such as the Varidesk ProPlus 36.

For what it aims to do it is very capable although it does lack somewhat in flexibility. The shape will only be suitable for use with desktop computers and you will need a monitor that you can raise high enough to see over the top of the stand. The document holder and slide down writing slope is also the sum total of its features and while it does this very well, for the price of this desk stand you may be expecting a bit more.

Bakker Elkhuizen Flexdesk 640 desktopPrice

Starting at almost £170 this is not a cheap bit of kit and even when it can occasionally be picked up for around £125 it’s a significant outlay for a desk stand. There are a lot of cheaper options out there if you aren’t fussed about the ability to slide down the document holder, although you will struggle to find something with that feature this well made.


If you’re a desktop user with a sensitive neck and a need to write on documents at your computer, this desk stand could be a godsend. However, if you’re missing any one of those features there may be a cheaper alternative. It’s a very well made bit of kit and does the job it is designed to do perfectly, but it comes with a hefty price tag.

Smooth sliding action
Solidly built