Argentinians Burn Dodgy Effigies of The Queen

Queen Elizabeth Effigy

We don’t tend to go in for burning effigies in the UK as it makes you look a bit mad. If we did though I’m sure we’d make a better go of it than the Quebracho group, the loose band of Argentinian activists whose views are  the winning combination of nationalistic and socialist. On this particular occasion they are outraged that Princess Anne is visiting Argentina as part of the International Olympics Committee, and they’re going to show her who is boss by burning an effigy that looks sort of like her mum.

Rather eerily the leader of the group Toni Lopez said

Come pirate Princess Anne of England, daughter of Elizabeth II, the Queen, who ordered the attack on Falklands in 1982. Come if you believe you can walk through Argentina as usual.

Presumably “as usual” in his mind is sporting an eye patch and a parrot.