Angela Merkel totally cool with blacking up – but she’s still not Hitler.

Christmas is generally a time to get round the tabletop extender with the older members of the family and gently correct their less modern opinions. It seems Angela Merkel is free from any such festive burden as the below picture of the German Chancellor cavorting with one of the “Three Kings” (namely ‘the black one’) at the Epiphany celebrations shows.

angela merkel blacked up

And the ‘Ahhh…oh wait…God no!’ moments continued as it became obvious there were no black people in Germany available to take part.

angela merkel blacking up 2


Still she didn’t deserve this treatment from Dutch news.

It’s not just Angela Merkel though. The whole country seems divided by whether of not holding a big minstrel jubilee is wrong. In 2011 Die Partei released this satirical, offensive and genuinely nightmarish billboard for their election campaign.

Ich Bin ein Obama

This puts the pasty tax in context on the scale of ill thought out political decisions.