All Your Stereotypes Were Right – What Facebook’s Social Graph Tells Us About Voters

We’ve managed to get our hands on Facebook’s new “Social Graph” tool. It basically allows you to search for people and cross reference their interests.  So are your stereotypes of political supporters correct? Find out below:


What the EDL like

EDL Top Likes:

1. RIP Woolwich Soldier
2. Shameless
3. Maximum Respect for the British Armed Forces supporting the RBL
4. British Army
5. The Football Factory
6. RIP Lee Rigby
7. The Inbetweeners
8. Life Without Music Can’t Exist
9. Armed Forces Day
10. The Lad Bible

Favourite TV Channel: Sky Sports
Favourite Actors/Actress: Michelle Keegan
Favourite Music Artist: Cheryl Cole
Favourite Activities: Drinking, British Army, Beer


What labour like

Labour Top Likes:

1. Ed Miliband
2. Young Fabians
3. David Miliband
4. Left Foot Forward
5. Democracy UK on Facebook
6. Robin Hood Tax
7. Tony Blair
8. Party of European Socialists
9. Nobody Likes a Tory
10. European Parliament

Top TV Show: The Thick of It, The West Wing, Channel 4 News, Come Dine with Me, Mock the Week
Favourite Activities: Politics, Travelling, Music


What the Tories Like

Tory Top Likes:

1. David Cameron
2. Boris Johnson
3. The Economist
4. Team GB
5. I know a great little place in London
6. Politics
7. The West Wing
8. Top Gear
9. The Chris Moyles Show
10. John McCain


What UKIP like

UKIP Top Likes:

1. RIP Woolwich Soldier
2. Nigel Farage MEP
3. Nigel Farage
4. EDL
5. Maximum Respect for the British Armed Forces supporting the RBL
6. Ron Paul
7. Armed Forces Day
8. Supporting the Met Police Against The London Rioters
9. Shameless
10. Chris Moyles Show

Favourite Activities: Politics, Drinking, Partying
Places They’re From: Bradford, London, Newcastle upon Tyne, Liverpool, Manchester, Leeds, Manchester, Bristol, Blackpool, York



what lib dems like

Top Lib Dem Likes:

1. Democracy UK
2. The Guardian
3. ALDE Group
4. The Economist
5. Wikileaks
6. TED
7. Politics
8. Barack Obama
9. I F**king Love Science
10. Kings of Leon

Favourite Activities: Politics, Music, Philosophy
TV Shows they Like: Peep Show, Mock the Week, Come Dine with Me

NOTE: While facebook tries to bias the results based on what you like, we tried using it’s new tools using several profiles, including a blank one. This is a collation of the results.