Alex Jones Almost Makes Piers Morgan Look Reasonable on CNN: Video

Despite looking like a sad teddy bear it’s hard to feel warm towards Piers Morgan – what with all his alleged faking of Iraqi hostage torture and that (I really wish I didn’t have to put that ‘alleged’ in…but I do….otherwise I might get sued by Piers Morgan…to hide the fact he definitely did do it). Last night though I came close to liking him for a brief second as he went head to head with the originator of the now famous “Deport Piers Morgan” petition, Alex Jones (not the nodding featherweight presenter of newsround for adults I might add).

There are so many good reasons to shout at Piers Morgan’s face, it’s such a shame Alex Jones went down the “it’s important for shouty, quick to anger, paranoid people like me to be able to shoot the government should we need to” route.

Still, perhaps I am biased and simply don’t want Alex Jones to win the argument as it would mean Piersy Baby (to quote SuBo) would be on his way back to dominate our screens as ITV throw out increasingly meaningless celebs for him to pore over.

Sherrie Hewson

Gentle racist giant Jeremy Clarkson agrees with me on this one, so I know I must be right.

Jeremy Clarkson Piers Morgan tweet