Alastair Campbell And Damian McBride Go To War on Twitter

Brown and Blair

*cough* w**ker *cough*

Old dramas are playing out in the Labour camp as porcine spin doctor for the unelectable Damian McBride (or McPrickface as recent leaked emails showed the Blairite camp calling him) has been serialising his memoirs in the Daily Mail of all places.

Earlier this week there were leaked Blair team emails in The Guardian from the time of the 2006 Brown coup that never was. These were no doubt released as an attempt to frame the upcoming revelations as those of a bit of a psycho.

However, Alastair Campbell felt this wasn’t an offensive enough position for the Blairite camp and took to twitter.

McBride didn’t answer this point, instead preferring magnanimity so false that I finally understand who trained Gordon Brown on his smile.