Alaistair Campbell Is Back For The 2015 Campaign!

Alastair Campbell

A major worry in the Labour camp has been the Tory appointment of Lynton Crosby, the Aussie election attack dog renowned for winning elections with right wing manifestos and a lot of personal mud slinging. It’s always been a bit of a mystery to me why he conjures up so much fear in the UK when he was behind Michael Howard’s disastrously misjudged 2005 ‘Are you thinking (the xenophobic things) what we’re thinking?’ campaign. However the fact remains that he has had the likes of Andy Burnham a bit spooked in this Parliament.

However the Crosby threat looks more than neutralised as Alastair Campbell himself has revealed to Total Politics that he’s planning to come back for the 2015 election.

“Yeah, probably, but I don’t know to what extent or how.” And the Tories, it seems, are egging him on. “It’s been really weird here, having all these Tories saying, ‘You’ve got to get in… you should’, it’s like they want a bit of a… ” He stops short, but he would, of course, love a fight. “Both at Labour and here I’ve had people saying, ‘You’ve got to get involved’. I will get involved, but I do have quite a nice life now… ”

Don’t be confused by Alastair’s tentative comments as the recent history of Labour elections shows what he describes as ‘involved in some capacity’ at the time is later revealed to be a central role. The 2015 election just got a whole load more interesting.