A nicely made stylus compatible with all touchscreens, the Pro 3 is a nice choice if you need a more accurate input for a tablet, but it doesn’t have some of the advanced features of some of the latest styluses.

Adonit Pro 3 Stylus Review

If you want to use your tablet for delicate tasks like drawing it’s hard to get the accuracy using just your fingers. This is where a stylus comes in, giving you the opportunity to use your close control of a pen-like shape while also providing a small contact point for thin lines.

The Adonit Pro 3 is a simple stylus so it is compatible with all touchscreens but doesn’t provide more advanced features found on a product like the Apple Pencil.

Adonit Pro 3 stylus designPerformance and point of contact

The Stylus itself works well and was responsive on all the devices we tried it on. The point of contact is small so you can get a high level of accuracy, while the disk surrounding the point also protects your screen from scratches.

Adonit Pro 3 stylus tipIt doesn’t have palm protection so if you lean your hand on the screen that will also register as a touch, but on the plus side this means you don’t have to connect it by Bluetooth. This means there is no setup and you don’t need to charge it – or put more of a strain on your tablet’s battery life by connecting wirelessly.

Design and build quality

The Pro is nicely made and includes some nice touches. Made from aluminium it is 9mm thick and sits nicely in the hand. It has textured metal around where you hold it to prevent slippage in use and is well weighted.

The cap is held on magnetically and seamlessly fits on the other end so you don’t have to worry about losing it. The end also has a notch cut from it so you can clip it to the edge of a pocket.

Adonit Pro 3 stylus magnetic lidPrice

Priced at under £25 the Adonit Pro 3 isn’t expensive and compared with the just under £100 Apple Pencil it is a bargain (albeit one with fewer features). There are cheaper styluses on the market but for the build quality the Adonit is still very favourably priced.


If you want something to give you more accuracy when using a tablet the Adonit is a well priced, well-made stylus. Nice little touches make it easy to use and give it a sense of quality that is hard to match for a similar price.

It’s not a sophisticated stylus with advanced features but it also doesn’t come with the complications of needing to keep it charged, connect it wirelessly or the price tag that comes with these.

A very good quality stylus for any touchscreen
Good build quality
Not feature packed