About Us

The Grade is committed to providing consumers with the best possible information so they can get the products that are right for them, at the best possible price.

We do all the hard work for you – researching products and curating reviews from across the web so you can quickly decide what to buy.

Why should we listen to you?

Good point – first we’d say give our reviews a try. We’re sure you’ll see that we deliver something different to the rest of the web.

Partly this is because our team has over 20 years experience working online and have worked for a number of deal-hunting and review websites. However, we also have a different way of working to the rest of the web that we think makes us the best consumer site around.

How We Work

For our reviews, we¬†do our best to source all the products that we write about. However, nobody wants to just listen to just one person’s opinion. So we also curate what others are saying around the web to give you the most authoritative view of the products out there.

For our deals, we scour the web to find the best possible price on the hottest products. We search the web looking at a number of discounting sites (e.g. Hot UK Deals) and do our best to bring you the absolute best price.

How do you get paid?

Sometimes when you buy one of the products we recommend then we will receive a small percentage of the cost of the product from the retailer you buy it from. However, this does not impact the products that we recommend. If we started recommending duds then our users wouldn’t return!

Your site is great. Can I write for you?

Sure – just get in contact via our contact form.